Why Parents Love Our Fresh, Well-Balanced Meals

Why Parents Love Our Fresh, Well-Balanced Meals

Posted on October 29, 2018 by Michelle Kraus

child eating veggiesGood nutrition is one of the most important parts of childhood development. That’s why we serve natural, healthy foods in your child’s breakfast, lunch and snacks every day.

Our Made-From-Scratch Dishes

Our kitchen staff plans each daily menu with the goal to introduce more fruits and veggies into your little one’s diet. Some of our dishes even include new and different foods and tastes to expand your child’s experiences.

We make it a goal to make sure every child enjoys 5 food groups in every lunch, 3 food groups in every breakfast, and healthy snacks cooked on-site.

Lunchtime often includes dishes made with healthier options, like whole-grain rice, lean turkey and made-from-scratch soups. Your little bug will even get milk with lunch every single day to take in that necessary (and yummy!) calcium.

These are just some of the fruits and veggies you’ll see on your child’s plate here:

  • Fresh, steamed celery
  • Diced cucumber
  • Apricots
  • Bananas
  • Mandarin oranges
  • Cooked apple chunks with cinnamon
  • Green beans
  • Peas
  • Fresh cantaloupe
  • Pineapple

Why Nutrition Is Important For Development

The research is undeniable: health and learning go hand-in-hand. Nutritious foods give your little one the energy and focus to take in the daily lessons we teach here. Plus, feeling good from a balanced diet reflects how well we all develop and interact socially.

Our teachers place nutrition as one of the most important parts of our curriculum. We work hard to teach your children how our bodies need nutrition for us to grow up strong and happy!

More Nutritional Learning At Ladybug

The LANA Program

The LANA program helps your child learn to taste, eat and enjoy fruits and veggies each day for good health. By including nutritional foods in your child’s meals while teaching the importance of balanced diets, they get to grow into healthy habits from a young age.

There are three components to this program for children: menu and mealtimes, fruit and vegetable-related activities, and family involvement. The LANA program is based on established nutrition education and behavior change theories and helps your child learn to eat more fruits and veggies.

The Grow It, Try It, Like It! Program

Grow It, Try It, Like It! is a summer enrichment program that lets your little bug have fun with fruits and veggies. Each child learns how fruits and vegetables grow and the places they go for us to prepare and eat them.

Each year, the children get to plant watermelon, cantaloupe, peas, beans, rhubarb, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers in our outdoor gardens. We also plant a variety of flowers and plants.

Adding Nutritional Education At Home

Want to involve more nutrition during mealtimes and snacks at home? Take a look at our cooking resources to see what children learn while cooking with mom or dad.

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