Why is Preschool Important? Here Are 5 Big Reasons!

Why is Preschool Important? Here Are 5 Big Reasons!

Posted on July 13, 2022 by Sharee

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Parents want to set their children up for success. One big decision early on is whether or not to send the little one to preschool. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, we strongly believe that preschool can make a difference for children. Here’s why preschool is important:

1) The human brain develops rapidly during the first four years of life. With preschool, a growing brain will be given the opportunity to train and strengthen.

2) The structure of a preschool classroom can stimulate development and establish a sense of routine in a child’s life.

3) Life will always involve meeting new people and engaging in social situations. Preschool fosters an environment where children can work on their social skills early, which helps them to make friends and learn how to work and interact with others.

4) An academic head-start is essential for a future filled with school and other learning opportunities. Preschool gives a foundation that will help prepare children for kindergarten, especially at a school like Ladybug, which offers a 100% Kindergarten Readiness Guarantee.

5) Quality time between parents and children is a blessing. However, children also need to grow more comfortable with autonomy as they age. Preschool provides little ones with safe, necessary time away from their parents so that they can learn to become more independent.

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