What’s Wrong with the Word “No”?

What’s Wrong with the Word “No”?

Posted on May 14, 2014 by Ladybug Child Care Center

What is wrong with using the word “no” with our children today?

The other day I was out in public and came across a mother with two young children.  As they were waiting in the checkout line, one was cooperating and sitting in the Target cart but the other child wanted nothing to do with staying in the cart and was pitching a fit because he wanted a candy bar.  As I watched her, she tried reasoning with the child as to why he was not going to get the candy bar.  The kid, about four, was loudly not caring about the reasons that mom was putting forward.  Eventually, desperate to make the experience stop, she gave in, picked up the candy bar the child wanted and tossed it at the lady checking her out.  The candy bar was only $.79 but in the long run what is it going to cost that mom and the rest of society because she did not use the word no?

Does anybody get to get through life without hearing the word no?  As an adult, I am still being told no.  The government tells me no I may not keep all of the money that I earn, I must give them some in the form of taxes.  The state of Minnesota tells me no I cannot drive as fast as I want, I must follow the speed limits.  My boss tells me no, I cannot have the week off that I wanted because I have already used up my vacation time.  The bank tells me no, I cannot have the house I want because my income does not support it.  All of us hear the word no on a daily basis.


The word no has not hurt my self-esteem.  I think that it has helped me with my self-esteem because I have learned to accept it.   I have been taught that I have to co-exist with other people, and that means I am not entitled to have my way just because I want it so.   I did not get out of bed at 18 and decide that today is the day I am going to learn this life lesson.   I learned it from a very young age because my mom used the word no with me.


The candy bar is only $.79, but what will be the cost down the road?

PS. thank you mom!!!


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