The Often Unnoticed Physical Benefits of Dramatic Play

The Often Unnoticed Physical Benefits of Dramatic Play

Posted on April 10, 2015 by Ladybug Child Care Center

Dramatic play is common for children. After all, what boys and girls don’t love playing dress-up, pretending to be a superhero, or imagining anything their heart desires?


And while we understand and recognize that children develop their communication and imagination skills through these activities, what often goes unnoticed are the physical benefits of the activities too.

In fact, motor skills are required for any and all of these activities where children learn not only how to complete tasks on their own (like putting on a dress) but also to elevate their physical abilities (by running around and catching the “bad guys”).

Of course, as children age they’ll also develop more advanced skills. This is especially true before kindergarten where children will bend, swoop, lift, balance, and incorporate countless other physical actions as part of their dramatic play.

This is the reason why at the Ladybug Child Care Center, we place a special degree of attention on dramatic play to prepare them for success in school as they learn to solve problems, think abstractly, and work together with others.

Check out the other benefits of dramatic play today and give the “little bug” in your life benefits for their literacy, mathematics, arts, technology, and social skills.

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