Teaching Your Child About Memorial Day

Teaching Your Child About Memorial Day

Posted on May 24, 2017 by Ladybug Child Care Center

Memorial Day is one of the most popular US holidays, but teaching younger children the meaning of the day can be difficult. Here are some ways to educate your child about Memorial Day in a way they’ll understand.


Use terms they will understand

Depending on age, using words like government and sacrifice may cause more confusion than clarity. Try something simple, like:

“When someone is being a bully toward other people, we sometimes send soldiers to help the people who are being bullied, but not all soldiers come back alive.”

Keep it brief

It’s not necessary to go into the history or many details of war and politics that they may not be able to comprehend. Instead, lay out the basics:

“On Memorial Day, we spend time thinking about the soldiers who have passed on.”

Take simple actions

Let them know what they can do to observe the holiday, and do it with them. Having a moment of silence, saying a prayer, or even saying “thank you, soldiers” out loud can be an easy way to teach your child about respecting the holiday.


Contact us if you have any more questions about Memorial Day with your child. We will be closed on May 29th in observance of the holiday.

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