Sunshine and Circuses

Sunshine and Circuses

Posted on July 31, 2018 by Michelle Kraus

As we run (or crawl) into the second half of the year, we’re savoring every bit of summer that we can! Take a look at the activities that your little bug is a part of in August.


Our littlest ones keep on growing! This month, we’ll work hard on all of our skills:
Large motor: scooting, overhead leg stretch, and respiratory movements
Small motor: face socks, reach out and touch, and squeeze toys
Language: family pictures, Gotcha, and poems
Sensory: ribbon bracelets, tickle time, and find the bell
Signing: no touch, hot, sorry, play


In August, we’ll be discovering everything that’s found at the Circus. We’ll be creating artwork of the things we see at the circus, like clowns, lions, cotton candy, and elephants. As always, there are many new songs to sing, like “Bring in the Clown”, “Elephant Fun”, and “The Roaring Lions.”

To really help us recreate the circus, we’ll be making different sensory bottles to represent the different scents that we smell at the circus, like cotton candy, peppermint, popcorn, and lavender.

Music and Movement:
We’ll work on helping your little bug work on their crawling and walking.
We’ll add new sign language this month: “eat,” “more,” “sorry” and “potty”. We’ll be reading stories and looking at pictures of the different things that we see at the circus as well.
We’ll walk in sandy paint to make seals, paint colorful cotton candy pictures with ice cubes, and paint new pictures with our hands and feet!

Toddler A

For the month of August, we’ll be doing a month-long unit where we get to learn all about the circus! We’ll get the kids all excited for the fair season by learning all about the animals and acts that come with the circus. And we’ll surely spend a lot of time clowning around.

Music and Movement: What do clowns do best? Dancing, laughing and being silly! We’ll also pretend to be different circus animals by moving and making the sounds they do.
Language: We have some great songs to sing and move to, like “I’m a Little Monkey” and “Be a Clown.” We’ll try out some new rhymes like “At the Circus” and “My Little Horn.” We’ll also read stories about the circus, clowns, animals and even the train that brings the circus into town!
Art: We’re going to make all kinds of clowns and circus animals. We’ll glue the features onto a blank clown face, create circus tents by painting with marbles, and make colorful animals with paint, crayons and colored construction paper. Come one, come all!
Dramatic Play: We’re going to spend a lot of time in our dress-up area and house this unit. We have some fun new options to try in the dress-up area and we love to get into the house and cook up a pretend feast. We just love to see these cute little ones all dressed up and ready to prance and dance.

Toddler B

Our August theme is four full weeks of “Send In The Clowns!” We’ll get to explore the ideas behind a circus and the animals and acts that we see there—and, of course, the clowns.

Movement: To get into full circus mode, we’ll stomp around like elephants, move in goofy ways like clowns, dance to animal action, play “Monkey See, Monkey Do” and “Ringmaster” (similar to Simon Says), and pretend to be different circus acts by balancing on a tightrope tape and trying to do summersaults.
Art: You bug will get to decorate a clown hat and mask, make a dancing bear, paint elephant ear headbands, paint zebras and tigers (with marbles!), make thumbprint monkeys and create a paper plate clown.
Science: We’ll create a clown face by gluing different parts of a clown onto the circle face to understand where the parts of our faces are with paper. We’ll also paint with different colors at the same time and talk about what other colors we find.
Sensory: We’ll get to test our senses by making a lion mask with soft yarn, monkey and a lion bag puppets, gorilla stick puppets, colorful Froot Loop necklaces and popcorn buckets. We’ll also give ourselves clown noses with a little red face paint. Now where to find a few small, cute noses…
Dramatic Play: We’ll be getting out some new dress-up costumes and pretend to be the ringmaster of our very own three-ring circus! We’ll also practice using our voices to be lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!).


As we head into August, we’re excited to start our new theme: Summer Fiesta!

During our first week, we’ll sing songs like, “Mr. Sun,” “You Are My Sunshine” and “A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea.” We’ll continue growing our math skills by counting from 0 to 20, putting different objects in order, drawing circles and sorting items by color.

For our second week of Summer Fiesta, we’ll learn about the different types of water, name the colors and flavors of different kinds of ice cream, and identify the letters in our names. We also have some fun cooking projects (some of the little ones’ favorites!) like making chocolate banana ice cream and little cookie hamburgers.

In week three and four, we’ll talk about the sun and what we think happens to ice cream when it’s outside in the sunny weather. We’ll continue practicing putting on our shoes and socks, practice hand washing, tracing our own name and identifying the names of our parents.


During August, we’ll get to learn and grown with three different themes:

The Ocean wraps us our lessons from July. You little bugs loved learning about whales, sharks, fish, and how important the ocean is!

Down On the Farm teaches us all about the life of a farmer. We’ll learn about farm animals, crops, tractors and more.

Summer Fiesta lets us explore all the things that make summer fun! We’ll talk about things like the hot weather, water, ice cream, and picnics.

Adventure Centre

Our first week is Under the Sea, where we’ll explore all of the creatures that live in the sea, along with a few camps, like the jellyfish camp where we’ll create our very own jellyfish and homemade soup.

Our second theme is County Fair. We’ll get to learn all about activities at the county fair like milking the cows and having pillowcase races.

Let The Games Begin! In our third week, we’ll be playing games like Bean Boozled, Watch Yah Mouth, Punch it, Stinky Pig, Poopy Head and Doggy Doo! This week will be a week to remember!

Lastly is our week of Fun In The Sun! We’ll be ending our summer with a bang of activities while scrapbooking our most precious memories. We’ll also be having our annual talent show and Wise Guy Valley Fair trip!

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