“Summer learnin’, had me a blast…”

“Summer learnin’, had me a blast…”

Posted on June 6, 2018 by Ladybug Child Care Center

Hello, summer! We’ve been patiently waiting for you to get here. Your little bugs are going to learn so much this month will all of our outdoor activities.

We’re also celebrating our dads this month. Donuts with Dads is on Friday, June 15th from 8:30 to 9:00 am in each classroom.


Summer is here and everyone is rushing outside to enjoy outdoors. Beginning this month, we’ll be taking your little bugs for walks and be bringing nature inside for water play and to explore flowers.

As always, we’ll be working on growing through playtime:

Sensory skills: tickle time, black-and-white books, paper play and bubbles

Large Motor: push and pull, “dance with me” and ball play

Small Motor: mirror play, finger wiggle and squeeze toys

Language: story time, “so big” and counting

We’ll also try to learn a few new sign language words: book, water, hot and play.


Our kiddos in the playroom are working hard on all of their skills this month:

Language: We’ll be working on waving bye-bye, colors, shapes, animal sounds, copycat, open and close them, repeat game, tell me a story, and singing songs

Large Motor: Building blocks, forehead to toes, pushing game, rolling balls, catch and throw, poppers, tunnels, and crawling races

Small Motor: Holding three things, nesting cups, pop beads, crumple paper, pressing paper, banging together, and dishpan toys

Sensory: The old shell game, feels good, where’s the rattle, sticky tape, bubbles, smelling bottles, mirror play, and animal sounds

Toddler A

We can certainly tell that your little ones are excited about the nice, warm weather.

Our first June theme is Things That Move where we’ll be learning all about how different animals and vehicles move and sound—including ourselves!

We’ll be singing and dancing like a few of our favorite animals, cars, planes, and trucks. Next, we’ll be coloring, painting and gluing some pictures of animals like a fish, a feathered duck, and a wooly sheep. We’ll also make some cars, boats, and trains and we’ll learn about where they belong on our bulletin boards and how or what makes them move.

Then we’ll be getting ready for summer with our Teddy Bear Picnic theme, where we’ll be focusing on our self-help skills and how we treat our friends and family. We’ll be having a teddy bear picnic on our floor before preparing for picnics outside and singing some campfire songs to be all ready for camping fun.

We’ll also be making some Independence Day themed art to get ready for Fourth of July. We’ll make a flag out of our handprints and some very sparkly stars for a flag on one of our bulletin boards.

Toddler B

During our first theme—The Great Outdoors—we’ll take mini-field trips around Ladybug and talk about what we see, like bugs and birds, followed by building a tent and sing songs like we are at a campfire. We’ll also get to discuss what we have at a picnic and talk about manners, rules, and cleaning up.

Our movement activities are flashlight hop, bear hunt, scampering ants, flying birds, buzzing bees and waddling ducks.

We also have two cooking projects to go along with our theme: a nut-free trail mix and fireless s’mores.

To get creative in The Great Outdoors, your little bugs will be painting a picnic basket and filling it with food, painting a bluebird, using white chalk on black paper to make a loon, making a backpack out of a paper grocery bag, painting with twigs, painting a tree, and making coffee filter flowers, a nature collage and a baby food jar lid clicker.

Our second theme is Red White And Blue. During this week, we’ll look at and talk about different parts of the flag, find red white and blue items in our room, and have a holiday parade around our room with streamers and musical instruments.

We’ll have one patriotic cooking project: red white and blue pudding, made with pudding, whip cream, and food coloring. Then we’ll get to move around with a star hop, practicing marching for our parade and pretending we are flags waving in the wind.

Some fun art activities for Red White and Blue are handprint flags, group flags, red white and blue windsocks, paint fireworks, popsicle stick flags, streamer shakers and squishy star swirls.


Get ready to get dirty in June!

Creepy Crawlies

Our first theme teaches us all about bugs. We’ll head outside with our own bug nets and try to catch some bugs. Expect lots of buggy artwork! We’ll even be putting together caterpillars with mini Oreos, lifesaver gummies and frosting. Yum!

Cattails and Lily Pads

This next theme focuses on lakes, rivers, ponds and streams and how they support all the creatures that live in them. We’ll go frog hunting out on the playground and talk about their lifecycles. Glossy frogs, muddy lily pads and paper plate turtles will be made for art time. We’ll also make “Frogs on a Log” with celery, cream cheese and peas.

Down on the Farm

Cows, pigs and sheep, oh my! Our last theme is all about farms. We’ll answer questions like “how is milk made and what can we make from it?” and “who grows all the vegetables and fruits that we see at the grocery store?” We’ll also be making farm animal coloring books and lots of farm animal art projects.


With summer here, field trip season is upon us. You should have received field trip packets and permission slips (but let us know if you need a new one). Most of our field trips are going to take place here inside our centers, but there are a few trips that are planned for off the property, so your bug will need their Ladybug shirts for that day.

We’re now done with our daily enrichment programs for the year, and that time is going to be replaced by field trips and our summer program, Grow It, Try It, Like It, where we plant and grow our own fruits and vegetables, maintain the garden ourselves and then try the final product. We’re excited to extend our love for fruits and vegetables throughout the summer!

During June, we’ll be learning through three different themes.

Our first, Creepy Crawlies, we’ll find all different kinds of bugs on our playground and feed them to the frogs we keep in our classroom. And make sure you ask your child about metamorphosis! They’ll learn the lifecycle from egg to caterpillar to butterfly and be able to watch our own caterpillars make a chrysalis and turn into a butterfly. It’s amazing!

Next, we’ll do a weeklong unit called Cattails and Lily Pads, where we get to learn about the swampy life of certain amphibians (like frogs) and other animals that call the swamp their home.

The last unit will be two weeks of Up North. This is one of my favorite units because we get to learn about camping, fishing, bonfires, cabins and even those pesky mosquitoes.

Adventure Centre

We have a lot of activities and entertainment for the summer months ahead:

Ending and Beginnings

In this week of endings and beginnings, we’ll be saying goodbye to our school friends, teachers and even our schools and welcoming new beginnings as summer opens us up to adventure.

Bugs and Buddies

This next theme lets us explore all that the summer has to offer us, from sock worms (in light of all of the creepy crawlers that like to come from the ground in the hot months) to the beautiful dragonflies that love to fly around our playground. This week, we’ll also be starting our annual Water Day on Tuesdays.

Up, Up and Away

During this week, we’ll be working with our hands creating our very own airplane models to having balloon rocket races.

Explore Minnesota

Lastly, we’ll be exploring beautiful Minnesota, kicking the week off with baking Minnesota’s favorite cookie to ending with our nature walks and examining Minnesota as a whole. We’ll also get to go on our big trip to the play Jack and the Beanstalk!

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