Simple Ways to Make a Fun New Year’s Eve With The Kids

Simple Ways to Make a Fun New Year’s Eve With The Kids

Posted on December 29, 2020 by Sharee

Picture of a city at night with the words, "Happy New Year".

It’s no secret that this year was awful at times. On the bright side, we’re thankful we’ve had all our Ladybug families to get through it together and make the time as positive as possible.

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, many people have had to change or cancel their party plans this year. But if you’re a parent of young kids, staying in was probably already the plan anyway.

There’s no rule that says New Year’s Eve can only be celebrated out on the town. If you’re spending the night at home, make your own party! Sometimes the simplest plans can be a blast.


What’s more fun than everyone dancing around like goofballs and burning some energy? Turn on the radio, Spotify, or any other music outlet, and have a great time!

Play Games

Board games, video games, whatever! As long as you’re bonding and having fun, it’ll be an entertaining evening. Want a more festive atmosphere? Inflate a bunch of “gold” balloons!

Make a Toast

Sparkling cider is tasty and kids love it. Put on a countdown (there are pre-recorded versions available for little kids who don’t stay up until midnight) and welcome the start of a better year.

A Different Kind of Resolution

Usually, people make weight loss goals and other personal resolutions. Mix it up and add-in some family-based goals! For example, you could have two family movie nights each month.

These are only a few ideas, and there are plenty of other options to make the night a fun one. Whatever you choose to do, your little ones will appreciate the effort.

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