Importance of Play

The Importance of Play

Play is an important part of cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. While playing, children are exploring their environment, manipulating objects, asking questions, developing their imagination, making discoveries and building relationships. All of these are important for brain development and will prepare your child to be a life long learner.

The videos below are excellent resources on understanding the importance of play.

  • Children Speaking about the Importance of Play – TIE

  • The Importance of Play in the Classroom – Gesell & KaBOOM

At Ladybug Child Care Center, we believe in our classroom curriculum so strongly that we offer our
100% Kindergarten Readiness Guarantee.

Come check out what Ladybug Child Care has to offer:
  • A classroom experience designed to nurture your child’s learning.
  • Many varieties of toys for play during choice time or free play.
  • A block area with the blocks and tools that will encourage your child to build and create wonderful new things.
  • The music area, filled with instruments to explore sound and to encourage your little one to design new instruments to share with their friends.
  • A home living area where your child can role-play, pretend, and imagine themselves as a mommy or a daddy, a teacher, a music star, doctor, etc.
  • Outdoor toys for your child to explore and freely imagine.
  • Outdoor villages where younger children can imagine and pretend play, exploring nature in a world just their size.
  • Play houses complete with dishes, play food, and dolls for natural and dramatic play.
  • Age appropriate playgrounds that allow your child the freedom to explore the natural world in a safe environment.
  • The outdoor preschool area with roads, signs and even a gas station pump for play with cars or tricycles.
  • An outdoor toddler area with sand boxes and water tables to create mud pies and sand castles.

What happens in your child’s classroom matters a lot! What you do with your preschooler at home matters even more. Check out our resource pages that will help parents understand the importance of different types of play and how we at Ladybug Child Care utilize play for learning in our classrooms.

visit our Resource Pages:

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Block Play
Computer Area
Discovery Area
Dramatic Play
Library Area
Music and Movement
Sand and Water Play
Outdoor Play
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