Pumpkins and Leaves!

Pumpkins and Leaves!

Posted on October 3, 2018 by Ladybug Child Care Center

Colorful leaves, cool weather, and jacket wearing time are among us. Fall sure did greet us quickly! While there is plenty to be excited about, Autumn is bound to bring all the illnesses back from hibernation. So please take the time to read over our Parent Handbook and refresh yourself on our sick child policies. It does benefit the child to stay home and get that much-needed rest to feel better, rather than being in the classroom where we are constantly moving. Besides just keeping our room healthy, it helps to keep the whole building healthy.


It’s time to explore Autumn Leaves and Apples and all the wonderful gifts of nature harvested locally. Our little pumpkins will have fun with sensory play looking, touching, smelling and tasting (of course, what’s in hands goes right in the mouth!) carrots, gourds, pumpkins, apples. We watch our little bugs closely during their exploring!

October activities will include:

Sensory: Leaf play, Feeling the pudding, Painting with toes

Large Motor: Raise arms, Kick the Ball, Stretching

Small Motor: Rattle play, Sticky tape, Hold the block

Language: Halloween songs, Nature Cards, Talking about Weather


During the month of October, our playroom bugs will be discovering leaves and pumpkins. They will roll pumpkins, crunch leaves and create lots of fun fall art. We will also be doing some Halloween songs and art projects. On Halloween, we will be going trick-or-treating around the center. You may bring a costume for your little bug, just remember to label it!

Our bugs will also be learning the signs for “thank you” and “please”. We continue to use the signs that we learn each month throughout our everyday interactions with the children and staff.

Small motor: clapping hands, paper play, scribbling on paper, and puzzles

Large motor: tunnels, sliding down the slide, working on walking

Language: “Where are my eyes? “, “So Big”, rhythm sticks, and books

Sensory: bubbles, sensory bottles and looking and touching pumpkins


With Fall in the air, the children have already started to play in the leaves! Please remember that with fall arriving it is really important to dress your child appropriately as we will continue to go outside twice a day if possible and to label, label, label anything that your child brings in!! Thank You! Thank You!

Math: We’ll be focusing mainly on the colors Orange, Red, Yellow, and Brown. We will be counting a little more this month with some pumpkin counters and trying to find the circle and oval shape in our classroom.

Language: We have lots of fun songs to sing this month to help with our language skills. For Fall Leaves, we will be singing songs about how the leaves are falling and twirling to the ground this will also give us a chance to get up and dance like leaves! For Pumpkin Patch, we have one of our favorite songs “I’m a little teapot” only with a little change to make it into, “I’m a little Pumpkin” and other songs about pumpkins growing and making them into a jack-o-lantern. We also have lots of fun books about fall and Halloween and pumpkins to read and look at! Also, we will specifically be working on the favorite phrase of October Trick or treat!

Science/ Sensory: We will be looking at and learning about some new things this month. Last month, we got to try apples and now we are going to try out some pumpkin pie! I am sure that we will have fun playing with this even if we don’t get much in our mouths. We are also going to look inside a pumpkin and maybe touch it to see what it feels like on the outside and maybe on the inside!

Movements: We get to do some really fun things this month. We are going to be pretending to be leaves falling from trees, swirling in the wind, and then raking up those leaves! We are also going to pretend to be Pumpkins growing up from seeds and then rolling down a hill!


October will begin our celebration of the holidays. We will spend the whole month talking about pumpkins. We will paint, glue, cut and cook Halloween projects. We will even try pumpkin pie!

The Waconia and Shakopee locations will end the month with Halloween parties on Wednesday, October 31st, 2016! Your child may bring his or her costume to Ladybug and we will trick-or-treat around the building. Please make sure that all pieces of your child’s costume are clearly labeled with a first and last name. Ladybug will provide the treats! If you have any question please feel free to ask.


  • Identify the color Orange
  • Identify the shape Circle

Language Arts:

  • Show an interest in book and stories


  • Be exposed to many different music types
  • Engage in singing games

Personal & Social Growth:

  • Identify themselves by 1st name
  • Label the following body parts: arms, hands, fingers Begin using the toilet


  • Work on fine motor skills – cutting and stringing beads
  • Use large muscles for balance


Throughout the month of October, we will be learning about the “Pumpkin Patch.”


  • Recognize colors orange and black
  • Sort, pattern, classify by color and size
  • Counting 0-40

Language Arts

  • Recognize emotions and feelings on face
  • Verbalize feelings to one another
  • Review parent names


  • Clap patterns
  • Recite short nursery rhyme songs
  • Make music with instruments

Personal and Social Growth

  • Sharing our feelings with others
  • How to treat one another as friends
  • Review using our quiet voices


  • Practice pouring
  • Proper hand washing
  • Practice putting on our own shoes and socks


We have a lot of fun things planned for the month of October! We start the month off with our Corn and Vegetables theme. During this unit, we will discover lots of interesting facts about corn and other vegetables, and even make our own vegetable soup! Our bugs love veggies so much; we can’t wait to learn more about them!

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, pumpkins! Nothing but pumpkins for the two weeks of our 5 Little Pumpkins unit! We will learn and discover what pumpkins really all about, inside and are out!

We will wrap up the month of October with what else? Happy Halloween! The children will get to dress in their costume for our annual parade around the building to Trick or Treat. This will be on October 31st. Please SEND your child’s costume and be sure it is labeled.


  • Counting 1-10 with an understanding of numbers one to one correspondence
  • Demonstrate that the number of objects increases according to a pattern with counting
  • Know that number names are recited in a specific sequence when counting


  • Show an interest in books, stories, and poems.
  • Demonstrate proper reading skills: *Left to right *Top to bottom *Front to back


  • Sing short songs in tune, with good breathing habits and tone quality
  • Engage in singing games

Personal Growth:

  • Children will listen and follow classroom rules
  • Children will be able to sit and listen in group time


  • Children will develop appropriate large motor skills: running, jumping, hopping, throwing a ball, using bars on the playground and skipping.


Fall Frolics

We’ll go on a nature hunt and collect leaves and do different experiments with them. We will play hide & seek with, what the Ladybug kids call, co-co-nuts (acorns). We’ll learn about the changing seasons and about hibernation.

Spooky Week

Halloween is coming up! That means our activities will be filled with tricks, treats, and plenty of jack-o-lanterns. We will decorate our room with all of our Halloween projects to get ready for the o-so-spooky Halloween night!

Around the World

These two weeks we are going to travel around to world in our imagination. One of the things I am looking forward to is building a human pyramid with the kids. I can’t wait to see how that turns out.

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