Need a Preschool Near You? Ladybug is Your Best Choice!

Need a Preschool Near You? Ladybug is Your Best Choice!

Posted on June 28, 2022 by Sharee

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If you’re near Chaska, Shakopee, or Waconia, your child deserves a preschool that will care about them like they’re part of the family. That’s where Ladybug Child Care Centers can help! Parents have counted on us for many years to give their children the best preschool care possible.

We welcome children of all backgrounds between the ages of 40 months to Kindergarten and proudly serve cities such as Chaska, Chanhassen, Shakopee, Victoria, Waconia, and beyond! Here’s what you can expect when your child walks through our doors:

Commitment to Kindergarten Preparation

Your little one will be 100% ready for kindergarten — We guarantee it. They’ll gain skills that will help them be successful in school and throughout the rest of their life.

So Much Playtime!

Playing is important to early childhood education. It’s when kids learn how to share, solve problems, get along with others and make friends, and use their imaginations!

We make sure the little bugs have enough free playtime and organized playtime both indoors and outdoors. They’ll get to exercise, be creative, develop new skills, and just have fun! 


We believe that music can do wonders for a developing mind. That’s why your preschooler will experience and absorb music each day. Music is a part of group times with songs and finger plays, marching and musical games, and even during naps!

Pursuit of Personal Interests

Each day, your little one will be given Choice Time. This is a special time where kids can pursue personal interests at their own pace. They can choose from the many areas within the room or from the additional interest centers such as cooking or arts and crafts.

Preschool-aged children learn best when they can use tangible things instead of working with abstract ideas. During Choice Time, our preschool teachers become facilitators who can help a child in making a choice, provide extra materials, or suggest ways to resolve conflict.

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Everything we do at Ladybug is designed with your child in mind, from our individualized and nurturing infant program to our caring and stimulating toddler and preschool curricula.

Ladybug is all about meeting the individual needs of your child. When we meet the individual needs of your little bug, we are meeting your needs as a parent.

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