Ladybug Child Care – Family Owned for 35 Years

Ladybug Child Care – Family Owned for 35 Years

Posted on April 1, 2016 by Ladybug Child Care Center

35 years! Wow, it has passed so quickly. Yet, at the same time, it is most of my lifetime. Unbelievable!

When my Ladybug adventure began in 1981, I was focused on the daily tasks—playing with the children, enrolling new families, vacuuming the floors, writing the paychecks, and cleaning the bathrooms. I hoped for the best. But, I surely did not see 35 years and all that is Ladybug today!

Ladybug has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. My children, young or even non-existent in 1981, are now grown and successful in their own fields. Many of my grandchildren have been “bugs”. Ladybug has educated and loved literally thousands of children and has provided employment to more wonderful staff than I can count. Knee-high hugs, smiles of accomplishment, “Miss Connie, do you remember me?” from students in my long-ago classrooms, former students enrolling their own children, even the tears and runny noses—these and so much more have been my rewards. I am so blessed.

Success is never a solitary accomplishment. Thank you to all of the talented and dedicated staff, both current and former, that make the Ladybug experience so special. Thank you to our wonderful managers who ensure the Ladybug centers meet our standard of excellence every day, in every way. Thank you to all of the families who have chosen to entrust their children to us. Thank you to my husband, Mr. David, who supported this crazy idea! Thank you to my children—they just thought it was fun to have so many playmates! And, finally, a special thank you to Miss Michelle and Mr. Steve for choosing to work with me—and for making Ladybug what it is today—fantastic! To repeat, I am so blessed!

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