January Activities to Stay Sharp (and Warm!)

January Activities to Stay Sharp (and Warm!)

Posted on January 8, 2018 by Ladybug Child Care Center

The busy holiday season is behind us, which means we have more time to learn, play, and grow! Our themes range from learning about snow and ice to reading folktales and poetry.

We invite parents to sign up for parent-teacher conferences. Toddler and Preschool classrooms will have signup sheets posted on each parent board, so take a minute to pick a date and time that works for you.


Our baby bugs are still working hard on communicating through sign language. This month, we’ll work on girl, boy, and hug.

We’ll also be putting effort into our other skills:

  • Sensory – ribbons and yarn, snow play, tickle time
  • Large Motor – cradle gym, bouncy-bounce, kicking bells
  • Small Motor – clap-clap-clap, ribbon pull, bag of fun
  • Language – look-look-look, “what do others do?”, story time


All of January, our playroom kiddos will be practicing:

  • crawling, walking, standing up
  • animal sounds, numbers one to five, reading books
  • colors, shapes
  • building blocks, ball rolling, mirror play

We’ll also be reading winter books and creating some fun winter art and even see how ice looks, tastes, and feels. We can’t wait to see their reactions!

Toddler A

Our toddlers are growing fast, which means we need to keep up with our core learning concepts:

Math: Toddlers will be introduced to the big/small concept and opposite skills. They will find objects in the room to compare big and small.

Language Arts: The younger toddlers will learn to sit and listen during group time. Older toddlers will begin to communicate their wants and needs. They will also begin to repeat songs and words at group time.

Personal & Social Growth: Young toddlers will feel confident and proud of what they can do, and imitate adults and other children during play and planned activities. Older toddlers will begin to develop self-help skills by practicing putting on their socks, mittens, hats, and washing hands.

A few reminders for parents:

  • Breakfast is served at 8:30 am and ends at 8:45 am
  • Home lunches must include grains (bread, crackers, or pasta), protein (meat or eggs) fruit, and a veggie. Ladybug provides the dairy (milk). Please only send finger foods in your child’s lunch.
  • Please provide at least two full sets of winter clothing for your child. This way, we can make sure that the little ones are clean, warm, and dry. We go outside at least once a day (unless the temp drops below single digits) so please make sure that we have appropriate winter gear: waterproof mittens, winter jacket, snow pants, hat, and snow boots

Toddler B

The Toddler B crew will be in tackling all kinds of learning activities:


  • Identify the colors black and white with a review of brown
  • Identify the shape of an oval
  • Continue to master the A-B-A patterning

Language Arts:

  • Recall words in a song or finger play


  • Sing, play, move, and create music expressive of individual imaginations

Personal & Social Growth:

  • Help put toys away after they are through with them
  • Be able to sit for group time
  • Be able to listen and follow one direction at a time


  • Work on fine motor skills by painting and using brush strokes while staying on the paper
  • Jump over objects without falling

Winter is in full swing, so please make sure your child’s winter gear is here and labeled. We go outside every morning when it is above zero degrees. Hat, mittens, snow pants, boots and coats all need to be labeled.


December was an exciting month, so we’re using all of that excitement in our imaginations during our January story themes before moving onto a snowy theme.

Folktales and Fables – We have one week of folktales and fables, reading stories like “The Three Little Pigs,” “The Gingerbread Man,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” and “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” Our bugs will get to make a lot of wonderful projects with each of these fables.

Mother Goose – During our two weeks of Mother Goose stories, we’ll read “Miss Muffet,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” and others. This unit will be fun to explore the different ways to associate stories with fun activities! We’ll use a muffin tin for sorting, work on our shapes, and play “Doggie, doggie where’s your bone?”

Winter Wonderland – We have one week of getting to talk about snow and all the different things we can do with it, like building snowmen, making snow angels, and spraying the snow with colored water to watch it change! We’ll also be decorating our classroom with wintery items like mittens, snowmen, and snowflakes.

Some of our favorite art projects for fine motor skills are:

  • Split Pea collage and Little Red collage
  • Cotton ball snowman
  • Turning coffee filters into snowflakes using Q-Tips and blue water


Our preschool kiddos get to dive deep into words this month! We’ll be reading folktales, fairytales and poetry to see just how different stories can be.

Folktales and Fables – We get to read “The Ginger Bread Man,” “The Tortoise and The Hare,” “The Lion and The Mouse,” “The Little Red Hen,” and many more classics.

Children’s Poetry – This unit will focus on Dolch basic sight words, which builds early reading skills. We’ll also learn about sounds and shapes of letters and different forms of poetry (“To potty or not to potty…”).

Fairytales – Your little ones get to travel through time and childhood dreams to the magical land of fairytales! Using these stories, we’ll continue working on letter recognition and build our matching skills.

Tidbits & Reminders:

We go outside every day as long as the temperature is above zero. Pack warm gear for your child with labels (namebubbles.com has great nametags). Please only bring what your child needs; we do not have room for extra jackets, bags, etc.

Adventure Centre

Get ready to embark on a new journey as we end the past year and go into the new!

For the first week, we will be Ringing in The New Year! We’ll get to bury our New Year’s resolutions and dig them up next year so that we can read what we wished to change about ourselves.

Our second week’s theme will be Telling Our Story! As we come into the New Year, we will be reminiscing about 2017, like what was fun, what wasn’t, what made us sad and what made us happy!

For the last week, the Let it Snow unit will have us exploring the cold white stuff! We’ll be learning the chilly facts of how snow is made, where it goes, and how it affects the commute on 494! (Just kidding). We’ll get to go outside for some sledding and trying to build our very own snow fort.

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