It’s Back To School!

It’s Back To School!

Posted on September 11, 2017 by Ladybug Child Care Center

fall back to school childrenWelcome to September! Whether you have a returning brand new “bug,” the beginning of the school year is always filled with anticipation and positive energy.

We’re excited about the year ahead. Here are all of the fun activities and opportunities to learn in September.


Our tiny but mighty bugs will be learning to develop: 

Sensory skills with textured blocks, rattle play, and feeling the autumn leaves

Large motor skills with leg pushes, push & pull, and rolling over practice

Small motor skills by using soft blocks, toy pick up, and arm stretches

Language skills with color songs, farm animals, and pat-a-cake


During September, the children in the Playroom will be learning all about apples and different things that grow such as strawberries, corn, carrots, and more.

We will be creating different art projects to represent things that we see at orchards, farms, and at the grocery store.

Toddler A

With fall just around the corner, our theme this month is “Apple Fest,” a fun unit that will be spent learning all about apples. We will learn about the different colors of apples, the different tastes of apples, and the different sizes of apples.

We will also make different art projects involving apples, including apple prints using real apples!

Toddler Barts and crafts fall

During our Apple Fest theme this month, we will be working on a few units to help us understand fall, including:

Cooking: We will be making things like caramel apples, as well as tasting red, yellow, and green apples to see which is our favorite.

Art: We’ll make apples with all types of materials, like tissue paper, construction paper, and paint and ink pads to make handprint trees and fingerprint apples.

Science: We’ll explore leaves and other things that come falling to the ground during fall.

Math: Using our math skills, we’ll work on identifying shapes and colors, specifically red, yellow, and green


  • We have many goals this month, including:
  • Pattern objects into AB segments
  • Reviewing colors red, yellow, brown, and orange
  • Identifying trees, leaves, and bark
  • Describing what happens to trees in the fall
  • Experimenting with sounds
  • Working on toileting skills
  • Working on following two directions at a time
  • And more!


Preschoolback to school friends

We have three fun themes this month:

Apple Fest: The preschoolers will be tastings, sorting, feeling, smelling, creating, and learning all there is to know about this delicious fruit!

Fall Leaves: We’ll learn how nature changes, how to sort leaves from different trees, and making fall creations from nature.

Nuts to You: Exploring different kinds of nuts, how they’re grown, where they come from, and what foods they’re used in.

Adventure Center

Our themes this month are:

Back to School: We’ll discuss what has changed, what we like and dislike about coming back to school, and meeting new friends.

Special Friends: We’ll talk about new and old friends, and create All About Me bags to hang up in the classroom to get to know each other.

Apple Fest: With autumn almost here, we will focus on the beginnings of the season and creating cooking projects centered around the different kinds of apples.

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