Indoor Winter Activities for Your Little Ones

Indoor Winter Activities for Your Little Ones

Posted on December 20, 2016 by Sharee

In these cold winter months, it’s easy to hibernate in your home and become less active. It’s important to keep your children active throughout the long winter. There are plenty of ways to keep your child moving around and discovering new skills through activities, games, and play.

Here are 10 easy and inexpensive ideas for keeping your toddler or preschooler active this winter:

  1. Dance! Throw a dance party in an open space in your house to jump around and dance to some music or have the kids use their own musical instruments.
  2. Build a fort. Use pillows, blankets, couch cushions and chairs for a fun fort.
  3. Go “island hopping.” Place cushions or pillows on the floor, telling your children the floor is lava. Then, have them hop from cushion to cushion.
  4. Create an indoor bowling game. Use blocks or other items like large crayons and a small play ball.
  5. Purchase a small indoor trampoline. This one will cost some money but will keep your children active and entertained inside. You can find these with padded safety handles for your toddler to hold onto for balance.
  6. Create a bean bag toss. Use socks filled with rice, and a cardboard box for the bag toss.
  7. Bake some cookies or treats. Have your toddler help you in the kitchen with various steps from a recipe such as adding ingredients to the bowl or stirring the cookie dough.
  8. Toss balloons. Blow up some balloons and try to keep them in the air or toss them back and forth like a game of volleyball.
  9. Play with bubble wrap. If you have some bubble wrap, have your children run and jump around on the bubble wrap.
  10. Make ribbon wands. Use ribbons or streamers to make the wands for the kids to run around and play with.



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