How Enrichment Programs Benefit Children at School and at Home

How Enrichment Programs Benefit Children at School and at Home

Posted on March 27, 2015 by Ladybug Child Care Center

It’s vital that children experience learning and discovery opportunities, especially at a young age. And sometimes, even by kindergarten the ideal time to begin enrichment during the brain’s rapid development has passed.

The best part about enrichment programs in preschool is that they give children a distinct environment in which they’re allowed to explore and discover their own interests and abilities. Through stimulation and positivity, children can develop confidence not only in their own ideas, but in their ability to think independently as well.

But the benefits don’t stop at school either! In fact, parents can also benefit by learning more about their child’s skills, needs, development, and accomplishments, allowing them to delve deeper into enrichment programs that have piqued their child’s interest!

At Ladybug, we believe in daily enrichment programs to prepare your child mentally, emotionally, and physically for success in kindergarten and life.

Explore more about our programs today and how your “little bug” can explore their interests every day at Ladybug Child Care Center!

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