Happy 40th Anniversary to Ladybug Child Care!

Happy 40th Anniversary to Ladybug Child Care!

Posted on April 1, 2021 by Ladybug Child Care Center

Picture representing Ladybug's 40th anniversary.

Choosing childcare is very hard. Miss Connie, the Founder of Ladybug, faced the same questions and doubts as many parents when she was raising her children. In fact, that was her primary reason for starting Ladybug back in 1981. She had young children but also wanted to work outside the home.

When Ladybug opened, it was all about family. 40 years later, it’s still all about family. We are family-owned and family-operated. Connie’s children are now grown, but two of them still come to Ladybug every day — Miss Michelle and Mr. Stephen!

The Ladybug family is about much more than just the Krauses. It’s about each child and every employee, who we consider our family, too. We want for your children the same things Miss Connie wanted for hers back in 1981 — days filled with joy and challenges, opportunities to “try on” experiences that help them to figure out how the world works and how they fit into it.

Family is about supporting your hopes and dreams for your children. Yes, we help them to be well-prepared for elementary school. But, more importantly, we do the things you would if you were here — cheer their achievements, wipe their tears, and encourage them to try. Because that’s what families do!

We’ve always worked hard to provide the professionalism and programs often associated with much larger companies. This includes a high-quality curriculum and excellent teachers, but what really sets us apart is our family values and our personal touches. Our mission is to make sure parents feel peace of mind when leaving their child with our Ladybug family.

40 years is a big accomplishment, and we’re thankful for everyone who’s helped make it happen. We wouldn’t be here today without all of the employees and parents who helped keep us operating. We truly appreciate your constant support, trust, and loyalty. Thank you!

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