First Time Sending Your Child To School? Here’s A Checklist!

First Time Sending Your Child To School? Here’s A Checklist!

Posted on August 6, 2019 by Sharee

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Is summer already almost over???? Three months can fly by in a hurry!

If your child already has a year or two of school under their belt, then you probably have back-to-school shopping down. But if this is the first time you’re sending your little bug to school, it can be overwhelming.

There are so many things you need to schedule and prepare to get the kiddo ready for their first day. On top of that, you’re also trying your best not to get too sad about them growing up!

We understand. It’s an emotional and hectic time. So we wanted to give you a shortlist of items that will come in handy after your little one walks through those school doors for the first time.


This can be one of the most fun purchases you make, especially if you let your kid pick out their favorite design! Amazon offers highly-rated options under $25. If you want to see the backpacks in-person before you buy them, Target has great options as well.

Lunch Supplies

Even if your child will be participating in the school’s hot lunch program, these items will be needed at some point during the year:

Lunch Box or Bag

Water Bottle


Sandwich Bags

Arts & Crafts Supplies

Coloring, drawing and making fun projects is a big part of early childhood education. These items should be a great place to start:


Colored Pencils


Washable Markers

Safety Scissors

Elmer’s Glue


Even in the early years, organization plays a big role in classes. 2-pocket folders are cheap (As low as $0.15!) and effective for keeping papers safe and secure.

Spare Clothing

Jumping in puddles or mud isn’t a problem at home since the little bugs can just go inside quick and change. But kids will spend time outside during the school day, too, and having an extra pair of shoes and socks can be a day-saver.

Facial Tissues

Schools can be environments of allergies and colds. Those little noses will definitely get runny every now and then, so it’s important to send your bug with a pack of tissues just in case.

Bonus Tip: Get a pack for yourself, too. It’ll definitely come in handy when you drop them off or watch them get on the bus the first time ;).

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