February Activities that Your Bugs will Love

February Activities that Your Bugs will Love

Posted on February 7, 2018 by Ladybug Child Care Center

We LOVE February almost as much as we love your little bugs! This month will be focusing on loving each other, loving ourselves, and learning all about Valentine’s Day.

We’re also excited for our Shakopee center to open on February 20th! Remember, you’ll get $100 during any referral’s 4th week at any Ladybug center.


This month, our littlest bugs will be working on using sign language to say “heart” and “love,” using motor skills to bend knees, stand up, touch buttons and tap, work on our language skills with rhymes, baby coos, and watching and listening.

February will be full of arts and crafts projects using pink, red and maroon. We’ll also have sensory play with colorful sensory bottles, soft bead necklaces, fuzzy hearts, bubbles and more.


Our playroom kiddos will learn the “Click, Click, Click” song, practice sign language by signing “I love you,” “mommy,” and “daddy,” and learning about the colors red, pink, and white, and the shape of a heart.

Activities for this month include:

  • Where are My Eyes, Nose and Mouth?
  • Baby’s First Words
  • Textured Toys
  • Play-Doh
  • Soft Books
  • Making Silly Faces
  • “So Big” activity

On Valentine’s Day, Playroom bugs will get to enjoy heart-shaped cookies and raspberries as a special treat!

Toddler A

During the month of February, we’ll be exploring the shape of a heart and the colors red and pink. We’ll also have two units this month. The first unit is called Finger and Toes where we will be learning all about our hands and feet.

Our second unit is called At My Home, learning about different objects in a home and our families.

Our bugs will have a Valentine’s Day celebration on Wednesday February 14th, where we will be exchanging Valentines with our classmates! We will post and distribute a flyer with more information closer to that time.

Math: Young toddlers will be introduced to basic, simple counting skills while older toddlers will be counting objects in the room, at group time, and other times throughout the day.

Language Arts: Young toddlers will practice sitting and listening at group time and older toddlers will repeat colors, words, numbers, and more after I say them.

Personal and Social Growth: Young toddlers will learn to feel emotionally attached to others and their surroundings, and older toddlers will begin to develop self-help skills by trial and error (putting on their socks, mittens, hats, etc.)

Toddler B

We’ll be learning about each other and ourselves with two units this month:

Fingers and Toes: The children will be identifying and talking about our arms, hands, fingers, eyes, nose, mouth, legs, feet and toes. We’ll also be spending some time using our hands and feet to make Valentine’s Day projects.

At My Home: This unit will give our little bugs the opportunity to explore the things that we use in our homes and how we use them. We will explore with cooking projects, art, and dramatic playtime. If you have anything at home that your child would like to share with the classroom for this theme, please bring it in during the second week of February.

More learning includes:

Math: We will be counting the people in our families, the rooms in our house, our fingers and toes, and more.

Language: We’ll sing some fun songs like “Clap Your Hands” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,” and read stories about growing up like “I’m Special, I’m Me.”

Social/Personal Growth: We’ll use questions to learn about each other. Who has a brother or a sister, or a dog or a cat? Who lives in blue house and who lives in a white one? What room in my house is used for what purpose?

Art: We’ll make a friendship tree with all of our handprints, a family collage that will have a representation of each member of our family that we live with. We will also be using some new materials to make some fun new designs like berry baskets to make bricks.


During February, we will guess and then see what happens when we mix red and white paint together. We will discuss how we take care of ourselves at home and at Ladybug. We will make and eat Feeling Face Toast, where we spread jelly on toast and then make happy or sad faces with raisins (yum!).

Our Proddlers will go through three units this month:

We’ll have one week of Featured Authors focusing on Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle and making a fun headband like the Cat in the Hat and using crackers, frosting, and licorice to make Cat in the Hat edible hats. We’ll also cook Green Eggs and Ham, though not on a boat or with a goat.

The next week, the Be My Valentine unit will teach us about hearts and who we love. Our projects include painting with celery to make heart stampers, sorting candy conversation hearts and make patterns with them, and using those hearts, graham crackers, and frosting to make edible Valentines.

The last two weeks will be I’m Special, where we learn all about who we are and what makes each of us special while we identify parts of our bodies and discuss what they are used for. We will also make some homemade toothpaste to take home and use.

We will have three different Show And Tell days: Feb 9th, 23rd, and March 2nd. Please watch the Tadpoles app for what the show and tell themes will be.


Our first unit this month is Featured Authors, focusing on Eric Carle! The second our unit is Be My Valentine where we learn all about Valentine’s Day and what it means, celebrating the end of the week with our Valentine’s Day party (more info to come). For the last two weeks, our unit is I’m Special. In this unit, the kids will be learning all about how to take care their body, feelings, and emotions.


  • Comparing subsets of items sorted according to their characteristics
  • Learning that graphing is a problem-solving tool used to show relationships of parts of different objects
  • Learning that graphs are symbolic representation of relationships and are based upon the concepts of more and less

Language Arts:

  • Speaking in complete sentences
  • Using pronouns correctly (him, her, it, them, they, etc.)


  • Performing music expressively using the concepts loud-soft, fast-slow and legato-staccato

Personal & Social Growth:

  • Solving their own problems in creative and appropriate ways
  • Working and playing cooperatively with their peers, both in small and large groups.

Adventure Centre

We have three themes in February: Be My Valentine, Past Presidents and Northern Exposure.

Be My Valentine: Making Valentine’s Day art and cookies, as well as playing teamwork games.

Past Presidents: We’ll learn about past presidents, and how elections and inaugurations work. We will be going over our history and making a mock election and running campaigns! (Four score and seven fruit snacks ago…)

Northern Exposure: This week, we will be having a lot of fun creating and exploring new art projects based on the northern habitats and the northern lights.

We’ll also have a Valentine’s Day Bash where the kids can dress up in dressy clothing and dance the day away between snacks, art and lots of fun!

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