February 2021 Update: A Dad Joke & Good News!

February 2021 Update: A Dad Joke & Good News!

Posted on February 11, 2021 by Ladybug Child Care Center

DAD JOKE AHEAD. I mean it, we’re talking full-on DAD joke … seriously, this is your last warning.

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Etch Who?


You were warned! 😊

But Anyway… 

Alright, let’s get serious now. As kids go back to school, we might see an increase in positive COVID tests ahead. If that’s the case, we’re remaining hopeful we won’t see the same rates we saw last fall.

The Good News

Our staff at our Waconia location was picked to get the first round of vaccinations through the state a few weeks ago. To add even more good news, our Chaska and Shakopee child care centers were chosen as part of the state’s educator’s vaccination lottery!

Any staff who wanted the first vaccination got it and will be getting the second one very soon. Staff members will achieve immunity about three weeks after the second dose, which means we’ll be able to open our lobbies to parents again very soon!

Woohoo! Parents will no longer have to freeze their toes off outside and we’ll keep staff and kiddos safe and healthy. 

As Your Little Ones Return to School

Minnesota recently released a new “decision tree” that covers in-person learning. They loosened up parts of the guidance, but we feel like some of it might be a bit too relaxed.

For example, the new decision tree says that a student who had close contact with a COVID-positive case may return to school after 5 days and a negative test. The problem? COVID isn’t always detectable until day 7. 

Because we want to ensure the safety of the entire Ladybug family, we’re opting to stick with the previous decision tree. This could get confusing with the schools moving forward, so we’re here to help any parents who may be getting confusing information. Reach out to us with your questions any time!

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