Did You Know Dramatic Play Supports Literacy Development?

Did You Know Dramatic Play Supports Literacy Development?

Posted on July 17, 2015 by Sharee

Dramatic play, more commonly known as pretend play, is about more than just reenacting situations, engaging in imaginative activities, retelling stories, and singing songs. In fact, one of its most impressive benefits is the ability to support literacy and development in children.

There are actually several ways in which dramatic play supports this kind of development, including:

  • Interactive Experiences – Reading is for more than just books. Dramatic play allows children to browse newspapers, menus, signs, and even food containers to learn more about how text is used in everyday life.
  • Learning to Differentiate – Restaurants have menus and coffee shops have price lists but literacy matters for both all the same! During dramatic play, children will learn how to differentiate text.
  • Ignite Creation – Dramatic play isn’t just about reading to improve skills. In fact, children will heighten their creativity by actually creating lists, signs, and more for learning purposes.
  • Act Out Stories – Comprehension is often enhanced when children go beyond just reading and instead, act out their favorite stories. During dramatic play, it’s important that students act rather than just read (even though both are important)!

fabric food for dramatic play

At Ladybug Child Care Center, dramatic play is just another component of our curriculum that accelerates our student’s learning and creates an environment where children can explore and refine their skills.

If you would like your “little bug” to develop their literacy skills more quickly than they otherwise could, it’s important to find a program that supports dramatic play. Learn more about our program to see if your child will thrive under our attentive care!

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