Creative Ways to Celebrate July 4th With Your Family

Creative Ways to Celebrate July 4th With Your Family

Posted on June 15, 2020 by Ladybug Child Care Center

Fireworks and other big events may be canceled this year, but who needs them?! We can make our own holiday celebrations with our families and small groups of friends.

Grill some food, turn on the music, bring out the sprinklers and have a blast! Here are some creative ways to turn the day into a party.

Themed crafts and treats

Fireworks aren’t the only way to bring bright colors to Independence Day. Treats and crafts can do it, too!

Here are some fun ideas for 4th of July themed treats:

…and crafts:

Want more options? Check out these ideas on Pinterest!

Neighborhood bike parade

Bike parades are a fun way to share your enthusiasm for the holiday. Deck out those bikes and trikes with star-spangled goodness and take a cruise around the neighborhood.

You can organize a big bike parade with your neighbors or simply make it a family thing. Either one you choose will give your child a lasting positive memory, so have fun with it!

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