Toddler A Classroom

Classroom Age Range

Our Toddler A Classroom is designed for children from 16 months old to approximately 24 months old.

Group Time

Includes songs, books, flannel board stories, puppets stories, simple language and counting games, etc.

Exercise Time

Includes physical activities such as moving or exercising to music, Follow-the-Leader, animal walking, dancing, etc.

Cracker Time

Is a light, additional snack designed to meet toddlers’ need for a smaller more frequent meal. This is usually a cracker and a drink of water.

Floor Play

Is a time for classroom staff to be on the floor, playing with the children and the toys. This provides important modeling as teachers dress and feed dolls or builds block constructions.

Outside Time

When weather permits, teachers may use their assigned playground times. In the warm-weather months, painting, stories, and other activities may be added to playground activities.

Daily Schedule

8:30 am Breakfast & Diaper Time
9:15 am Group Time
9:30 am Table Time & Free Play
10:15 am Outside or Floor Play
10:45 am Cracker Time
11:00 am Exercise Time
11:15 am Group Time & Diaper Checks
11:30 am Lunch
12:00/:15 pm Nap Time
2:00/:30 pm Quiet Play & Diaper Checks
3:00 pm Snack
3:15 pm Group Time
3:30 pm Outside or Floor Play
4:15 pm Table Time & Free Play
4:45/5:00 pm Cracker Time
5:00/? pm Close Toddler A – Combine with Toddler B

The above daily schedule is our base routine. Because children’s needs vary from day to day, teachers may adjust the timing of the various components of the day, making sure that each component is offered. However, activities in bold must remain at the indicated times.

We would love for your little one to join us. Schedule a tour to review availability and to learn more about our Ladybug family at our Chaska location, Shakopee location or Waconia location.