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To your child — summer means more adventure, more choices, and more freedom. Ladybug AdventureCentre offers fun, fast-paced activities and programs for your growing child. In the classroom, on the playground, or in our variety of summer camps, our teachers will challenge your child to try new ideas, give them an opportunity to make decisions for themselves, and help your school-age child when they may need an extra helping hand.

Ladybug offers summer camps such as cooking camp, basketball camp, and tie-dye camp and field trips such as Twins games, Minnesota Zoo and fishing! The weekly camps and field trips, including to the park and to the beach, are always parent and child choice.

Contact us for Summer program calendars and enrollment information for school-age and preschool children. Summer fun includes fun classroom activities, field trips and enrichment programs.

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Wise Guys is a club here at Ladybug for kids in 3rd grade or older.  These kids are no longer “little,” and they need different support from the teachers in the classroom than their young friends. Wise Guys have even more fun options during their summer stay! Wise Guys have even gone to Valleyfair!

Their club room allows these kids a place to “chill” and relax with their friends.  And on Wednesdays, Wise Guys open their Wacky Warehouse for business at pickup time in the afternoons.  They work throughout the summer to make items to sell, and the money that they raise goes in their very own bank account.  As a group, they decide how to spend it!  Last summer the Chaska Wise Guys raised enough money to buy their club room a Wii.

Ladybug Garden Program

Grow It, Try It, Like It! is an enrichment program for summer for our little bugs to have fun with fruits and vegetables. Grow It, Try It, Like It! provides learning opportunities that contribute to each child’s individual growth and development. Children can have fun while learning about nutrient and fiber-rich foods.

They learn how fruits and vegetables grow and where they go for us to prepare and eat them in many different ways. Carefully crafted activities develop the entire child, body and mind, through discussing ideas and developing vocabulary; enjoying physical movement; enhancing fine motor skills; reading children’s literature; singing familiar music; participating in hands-on science activities featuring plants, and creating individual art and crafts.

In a Ladybug summer program, your child will find a place to enjoy their summer, and as your child gets older, we will work with you to help get your “not-so-little-one-anymore” ready to stay at home and be independent.

Field Trip Calendars

Chaska Summer Field Trip Calendars

June 2021 – Shakopee & Chaska AdventureCentre

June 2021 – Waconia AdventureCentre

June 2021 – Preschool

July 2021 – AdventureCentre (All Locations)

July 2021 – Preschool (All Locations)

August 2021 – Chaska & Shakopee AdventureCentre

August 2021 – Waconia AdventureCentre

August 2021 – Preschool (All Locations)


“I couldn’t be more grateful for the outstanding care and support you’ve provided Britta for the past six years. As she enters adolescence, it’s clear to me that she has had an amazing “village” raising her – from her family, to her school teachers, to the wonderful caregivers you’ve surrounded her with during these formative years.  Not only have I always felt that she’s safe and well-cared for at Ladybug, but she’s had new experiences, made wonderful friends, grown in her self-confidence, and had lots of fun! We will always remember fondly Britta’s years at Ladybug, and recommend others to you whenever we get the opportunity!”
Jill Cowan, Chaska mom of Britta age 12