Infants Classroom

Classroom Age Range

Our Infants Classroom is designed for children from 6 weeks old to approximately 15 months old.

Language and Social Activities

Include songs. Finger plays, stories and personal talking time. Games such as peek-a-boo, gotcha, animal sounds and imitations are included.

Small Motor Activities

Focus on developing and strengthening muscles in the infants’ hands. Activities include shape sorters, grasping and letting go, stacking blocks, tape peel, eating finger foods, and beginning to scribble.

Large Motor Activities

Involve coordination of the whole body. Babies practice rolling, sitting, crawling and walking. Infant exercises such as the bicycle, back crossover, foot flex, and arm stretch are included here. Infants also play with beach balls, their playhouse and rocking cow and fish.

Sensory Activities

Include activities to help the infants learn about the world around them by using their five senses. Activities in this area would be feeling textures around the room, water play, musical instruments, bubbles and smells around the room such as their vanilla ball. The world outside provides more sensory experiences; grass on the toes, the feel of a breeze, and the sound of a bird or truck. We also use food items for exploring with senses. Ice cubes, snow, Jell-O, pudding, whipping cream and more are used.

We would love for your little one to join us. Schedule a Tour to review availability and to learn more about our Ladybug family.