Daily Enrichment Programs

Daily Enrichment Programs

Ladybug Child Care Center, Inc. offers a unique and convenient opportunity for your “little bug.”  Our enrichment classes, offered daily in our Proddler, Preschool, and Kindergarten classrooms, help prepare your child’s heart, mind, and body to ensure their success as a life-long learner as well as enhance your child’s daily curriculum at Ladybug.

Sonrisas Spanish

Learning a second language at a young age is important for child’s brain development.  Your “bug” will be given an opportunity to learn Spanish through fun songs, stories and games.

Peace Factors

Peace Factors is founded on three basic principles: peace begins within through our thoughts, thoughts develop words and words lead to action. The children will learn and practice making decisions based in care and compassion for others around them.

Etiquette Factory

Etiquette Factory will teach your child table manner, kindness, sharing, good hygiene and how to be a polite guest.


This computer education class teaches children computer skills such as: computer care, terminology, graphic, webcam, digital camera, word processing, windows, keyboarding, printing, and microphone and sound recording. Gitssmart will help prepare your “bug” for today’s world where technology continues to evolve and be a part of our daily lives.


The goal of the LANA program is to help your child learn to taste, eat and enjoy fruits and vegetables each day for good health. There are three components to this program for children: menu & mealtimes, fruit & vegetable related activities, and family involvement. The LANA Preschool Program is based on well-established nutrition education and behavior-change theories and will help your child learn to eat more fruits and vegetables.

World Music & Rhythm Talk

This comprehensive music program has been developed to take your child on a journey through rudiments of music allowing him to develop the skills of good musicianship as well as enabling her to foster the spirit of creativity within.

Specialized activities for infants and toddlers

Ladybug infant teachers provide individualized curriculum that teaches skills through language, social, sensory, and small and large motor play. Your “bug” will learn about themselves and their feelings; learn about others; learn to communicate; learn about moving and acquire thinking skills.

You toddler “bug” will learn from activities designed to promote intellectual, social, physical and social development. He will learn about others, build vocabulary skills, learn about math and science and build relationships. And of course, we practice large muscle skills all day long!

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