School-age children are ready for more: more adventure, more choices, and more freedom.  However, they are in a place in their young lives where they still need an adult to guide them in their choices, lend a hand when they are stuck solving a problem, and listen when they need to process something that is hard.

At Ladybug AdventureCentre, we have trained our teachers to challenge your child to try new ideas, give them an opportunity to make decisions for themselves, and also to help your school-age child when he needs an extra helping hand.

Classroom Age Range

Our AdventureCentre is designed for children from kindergarten to 6th grade (12 years old).

Free Play

gives each child a chance to do whatever he/she might like. It is during these times that children choose playmates, learn the give and take of getting along together, and use their imaginations freely, inventing cities or castles or imaginary families.

Outdoor Play

times and indoor activities such as basketball, volleyball, four square, aerobic dance, obstacle courses and the outdoor play structure, develop physical fitness as well as being just plain fun.

Choice Time

are designed to include several different activities each day. Children learn best when they can handle and see and touch things rather than trying to work with abstract concepts or symbols. That is why such things as playdough, water play, finger paint, sensory-tub play and science shelves are important; they provide an opportunity to feel and figure out how or why things work. Art and cooking projects also do this, as well as stimulating the imagination.

Daily Schedule

Our daily schedule allows each child to make choices on how to spend their time. Available choices might include outdoor play, a special dramatic play area, listening to music and doing homework. Each week explores a new theme, including “Up, Up and Away”, “Wearin ‘O’ the Green”, “Summer Olympics”, and “Black and White”. Field trips are scheduled nearly every week throughout the summer to many area locations.

Wise Guys

(3rd–6th grade)

As your child gets older, our programming at Ladybug AdventureCentre will change to continue to meet your child’s needs.  Wise Guys is a club here at Ladybug for kids in 3rd grade or older. These kids are no longer “little,” and they need different support from the teachers in the classroom than their young friends.

These children might start to get more homework in school; we can help them with their homework and give them a place to study.  These kids might need a place to “chill”; we will give them a club room where they can relax into a comfortable couch and talk to friends about their school day.  As your child gets older, we will work with you to help get your “not-so-little-one-anymore” ready to stay at home and be independent.

We would love for your child to join us. Schedule a Tour to review availability and to learn more about our Ladybug family.

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