Overview of Our Classrooms

It is our purpose at Ladybug Child Care Center to provide your child with the opportunity to explore and grow within a loving and caring atmosphere. Our days are planned to provide times for all sorts of activities and interests. Each classroom’s activities are designed to promote the intellectual, physical and social development of each child.

Included are activities that are quite and active, teacher-directed and child-initiated, and that require the use of varied equipment and materials, while being age-appropriate.

For more detailed program information on your child’s classroom, please click on their classroom link below:

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At our daycare center, we are interested in each child and every family. We encourage parents to talk with our staff, who are eager to share the progress of your child and the interesting events of their day. In addition to the daily conversations, parent-teacher conferences and parent nights are scheduled regularly throughout the year.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us or give us a call at (952) 448-7202.

  • Chaska Events

    July 3rd: Closed for Independence Day

    July 6th and 7th: Toddler B conferences

    July 8th and 9th: Toddler A conferences

    July 13th-15th: Proddler conferences

    July 16th and 17th: AC conferences

    July 21st-24th: Preschool conferences

    July 27th-29th: Infant conferences

  • Waconia Events

    July 2nd: AC Conferences

    July 3rd: Closed for Independence Day

    Week of July 6th: Infant conferences

    Week of July 13th: Preschool conferences

    Week of July 20th: Toddler Conferences

  • Shakopee Events

    July 1st and 2nd: Infant conferences

    July 3rd: Closed for Independence Day

    July 6th-8th: Toddler conferences

    July 13th and 14th: Proddler A conferences

    July 15th and 16th: Proddler B Conferences

    July 20th-24th: Preschool conferences

    July 29th-31st: AC conferences