Choosing the “Right” Toys for Children: What Should You Look For?

Choosing the “Right” Toys for Children: What Should You Look For?

Posted on December 1, 2015 by Ladybug Child Care Center

When you go to the toy store, there are thousands of options for your little one. But which are the “right” toys that you should actually be purchasing? Chances are, you haven’t really considered this question before.

In fact, most parents will purchase the toys that their children ask for (especially with the holiday season just around the corner) or the most popular new release. But truth be told (according to Dr. Stevanne Auerbach) “Children need plenty of opportunities to play with a variety of good toys and materials and use their imagination.” And as you can imagine, this means there are some “right” and “wrong” choices at the toy store.

So, what qualities should your toys meet to be useful, fun, and educational to your growing child? Read on to find out!

Questions you should ask yourself when evaluating new tools

Purchasing a toy doesn’t have to be a deliberative or challenging decision, but you should put some thought into it. And when you want to make the “right” decision, Dr. Toy presents a few questions (beyond determining if the toy is safe) that will help push you in the right direction:

  • “Is the product enticing and engaging to the child? Does it offer an opportunity for fun, to learn, and to think?”
  • “Will the toy frustrate or challenge the child? Or will it be too difficult to use without adult assistance?”
  • “Does the product match the package and package match the product? If the toy does not match ads or packaging, it can be disappointing.”

While there are several other questions you can ask, these are a few key ideas you should consider as you begin evaluating options.

Different types of toys you should consider

According to Dr. Toy, parents should choose toys that “offer a good balance and enrich children’s skills and creative opportunities.” This makes open-ended toys like blocks and construction materials incredibly good options.

But, what are the different types of toys? There are three you should know:

  1. Activity toys – These toys improve motor skills, coordination, and balance and include skates, bikes, and even kites.
  2. Creativity toys – These toys encourage self-expression and often include art-related toys such as crayons, markers, and other crafty materials.
  3. Learning toys – These toys include board games and books and directly contribute to knowledge acquisition.

At Ladybug Child Care Center, we understand that all three types of toys are important. That’s why we not only provide blocks. LEGO sets, books, craft materials, and other toys, but interact with children as they play. Doing so furthers learning and gives children a simpler way to express their interests and passions.

Ensure each toy works to your child’s benefit at Ladybug Child Care Center

For over 30 years, Ladybug Child Care Center has been carefully selecting and cultivating an environment for optimal learning and self-expression. This is the same driving factor we use to select toys for children to ensure they’re able to pursue individual interests and better their knowledge in the process.


If you live in Chaska or Waconia and are interested in touring one of our facilities, contact a member of our team today! We hope to see you and your “little bug” in our Ladybug family soon!

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