Budding Trees and Growing Bugs – May 2018

Budding Trees and Growing Bugs – May 2018

Posted on May 3, 2018 by Ladybug Child Care Center

After a couple months of faux-spring, it looks like May skies will give us some sunshine and spring showers—all great things to learn about!

Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is May 13th. We’ll be celebrating our lovely moms on May 11 with free muffins in your little bug’s classroom from 8:30am-9am.


Spring is the time for growth, and we’re all growing a little by working on moving our arms and legs.

This month, our tiniest bugs are practicing large motors skills with knee bends, floor play, toes to nose, dancing, rolling over (with help), and pushing and pulling. Then, we’ll work on small motors skills by banging blocks, making music with rattlers, grasping toys, pulling strings, arm stretches and clapping.

Our signing this month focuses on “shoes,” “lost,” and “book.”


Playroom kiddos are working hard on large motor skills by paper plate tosses, working on crawling and walking, rolling balls to friends and teachers, streamer play, and playing with poppers.

Small motor skills are being refined by playing with pop beads, nesting cups, picking up small toys, banding things tighter and puppet play. We’ll also learn about colors, shapes and numbers one through five.

Toddler A

Spring is here at last and we are so ready for our first May theme, Muddy Puddles. We have been having a great time splashing in the puddles left by the rain, and now we get to learn about them and play with them even more!

Then we get to go out and explore the world of insects in our second unit, Bugs and Bees. Bugs have such a fun world for these little ones to see and we’re super excited to show them how fun bugs are to look at, listen to, and (sometimes) touch.

Toddler B

This month is one of the favorites for your little bugs. Throughout May, we’ll get to learn all about Muddy Puddles, making mud with dirt and water, and Bugs and Bees where we make clothespin-butterflies, marble painting spider webs, and egg carton caterpillars.

We’ll also get to wrap lima beans in damp paper towels and put them in a baggie to tape to the window to watch them grow. We’ll plant flower seeds, sunflower seeds and grass seeds. After letting the grass grow, we’ll practice our barber skills by giving it a little haircut.


Our first theme of May is Tiptoe Through the Tulips. This unit is all about spring (yay!). After a long, long winter, we’ll jump right into rainbows, flowers, butterflies and kites.

We’ll learn the parts of a flower, measure our rainfall with a rain gauge, and talk about the science behind tornadoes. Get ready to ask your preschooler if they can tell you the names of the world’s smallest and largest flowers!

In the second half of May, we’ll be deep in our unit How Does Your Garden Grow? Our work learning the parts of flowers and plants will transition us seamlessly into this unit where we will learn how those plants and flowers grow

What important part do roots play? How exactly does a seed turn into a flower? We’ll be incorporating nature into our playtime as well as our artistic endeavors, making prints with vegetables, using seeds and corn to make mosaics, and doing leaf rubbings with crayons.

The kids will also have the opportunity to help us out in our Preschool Garden on our playground and get some first-hand experience growing plants!

Adventure Centre

We’re sure having fun this month in the Adventure Centre. During the first week of May, we’ll start to welcome spring by creating coffee filter flowers, loop flowers, yarn butterflies, sassy sunflowers and more.

Next, we’ll be learning about berries (did you know that in the 1800’s, American sailors on long voyages ate cranberries to prevent a disease called scurvy?) We’ll also dress up as different knights and princesses and pretend a dragon is going to get us (someone call John Snow!)

Then, we’ll be experimenting with different colors by mixing colors together and predicting what color they will make.

The last week will be all about alphabet soup, A­­–Z and everything in between by doing different games involving the alphabet.

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