Boredom-Busting Tips and Tricks for Your Little Ones

Boredom-Busting Tips and Tricks for Your Little Ones

Posted on April 6, 2023 by Michelle Kraus

In a parent’s life, few things are more frustrating to hear than when your child says, “I’m bored!” Maybe it’s because we, as parents, know that there’s a perfectly good pile of toys for your child to play with, but they refuse to do so. Or, perhaps, it’s because your little bug is clearly looking to you to solve their boredom problem. What’s the best way to handle this situation? Any good parent knows that kids shouldn’t be sitting around bored for hours.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to keep your kids excited and engaged when they are getting bored.

But first:

Boredom Isn’t All Bad 

Many modern experts agree that over-stimulation and over-scheduling can be bad – a little dose of boredom is actually essential, especially for developing maturity and creativity. Because when a child becomes bored, they have to learn that they must create their own entertainment and fun. They have to explore the world and learn new things on their own. Taking this approach can make kids look inside and discover their passions and interests.

Remember: When your little one says they’re bored, it’s not because they have a lack of things to do. It means that whatever is in front of them isn’t interesting or stimulating. It could also mean they just want some love from Mom or Dad.

Boredom-Busting Tips and Tricks

  1. Use Your Boredom Jar

To piggyback off our last point, a boredom jar is a great way to get ahead of boredom without solving the issue entirely for your kids. Work with your little bug to develop a list of things and activities they like. Write each thing or activity on a strip of paper. Do this several times, then put the papers in the jar. The next time your child inevitably complains about being bored, instruct them to choose an activity from the boredom jar and allow them to work through the idea they chose.

  1. Play Hide-and-Seek

This tried-and-true game was popular when we were young, but it works wonderfully today, too – especially for super-bored kids (and sometimes adults). This game works well for single children as well as kids with brothers and sisters. It can even work inside and outside. If your little ones play outdoors, be sure to set limits on where they can and can’t go.

  1. Create a Puppet Family

This activity is easy, fun, and can last for a long time if you wish. Even better, it makes use of all those single socks lying around your house. Grab a few of those socks and use markers for faces, scissors for mouths, and other household items like buttons for outfits. Have your child choose what each sock puppet looks like, what their name is, and what their personality is like. Help them create an entire family, and before you know it, you can lean on this activity for future boredom bouts.

  1. Use Mindful Movement Content

Have you ever heard of GoNoodle? It’s an app and website purpose-built to bust boredom and release pent-up energy. More importantly, it helps your children learn while they’re having fun. If you have elementary-aged kids, you may already be familiar with this app and mindful movement videos. If not, this type of content may help your little ones channel their energy and boredom into positive, educational activities.

  1. Try Playing a Fun Guessing Game

This fun game definitely busts boredom (for a while, at least) and also helps your child with sensory development skills. To start, take turns closing your eyes with your kids. Brush or tap a “mystery” item on your little one’s hand. Have them describe how the object feels to them. Once you give them a chance to feel the object, have them try to guess the type of object. You can give them small clues if needed. Try using items they’re already familiar with, such as feathers, books, toys, or even food. By removing sight from this game, it helps develop your child’s touch-sensory skills, which are crucial as they get older.

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