Apples, Apples, Apples!

Apples, Apples, Apples!

Posted on September 5, 2018 by Ladybug Child Care Center

Picture of an apple orchard.

As we run (or crawl) into the beginning of fall, we’re embracing everything to do with changing leaves and apples! Take a look at the activities that your little bug is a part of in September.


We are waving bye-bye to summer and welcoming beautiful, colorful autumn! Our older bugs will take advantage of cooler weather to go outside in a buggy. Our tiny but mighty little bugs will be doing fun activities like:

Sensory: Textured blocks, rattle play, feeling the leaves

Large Motor: Leg push, push and pull, and practicing rolling over

Small Motor: Soft blocks, toy pick up, arm stretch

Language: Color song, farm animals, pat-a-cake


During September we will be discovering “Apples” and other things that grow, such as strawberries, corn, carrots and more. We’ll create different art projects to represent things that we see at the orchards, farms and the grocery store

Your little bugs will get to taste applesauce and “paint” with applesauce. They will color and paint apples and even get to stamp with apples! The colors we’ll focus on are red, green, and yellow.

Large Motor: Walking, crawling, going through tunnels, and playing with poppers.

Small Motor: Building towers with bocks, pushing cars around, playing tug of war, and working and holding and putting toys in a basket.

Language: Reading books about Fall, looking at colors and shapes, and going over numbers 1 to 5. We’ll also work on the sounds of the letters M, D, and B make.


Our September theme is Apple Fest! We’ll eat apples (applesauce), paint with apples, and have sensory time with apples! This theme will be a great way to kickstart the fall season.

September Goals and Concepts


Older Toddlers: Introduction to yet another opposite – big/little. We’ll compare apples and other objects. Your bugs will also be introduced to the apple shape, color, etc.

Younger Toddlers: Introduction to apple shapes, colors, etc.

Language Arts:

Young Toddlers: Sit without assistance in group time.

Older Toddlers: Name favorite songs to sing at group time.

Personal and Social Growth:

Young Toddlers: Explore and learn about their new environment and new friends.

Older Toddlers: Learn and use gentle touches with some of our younger friends.


In September we will have lots of fun with all things Fall. Apple Fest and Fall Leaves are our themes for the month. Below are a few of the things we’ll be working on.

Cooking Projects: Caramel Apples! Yum Yum! We’ll also taste red, yellow, and green apples to see which is our favorite!

Art: Making apples with all types of materials, like tissue paper for apple sun catchers and tissue paper apples. We’ll use our fine motor skills to glue pieces of construction paper to make mosaic leaves, red apple collages, and fall trees. We’ll also use paint and ink pads to make handprint trees and fingerprint apple trees.

Science: Exploring the leaves and other things that come falling to the ground during this season. If you and your bug go on a nature walk and find something you’d like to share with the class, please bring it in! There are so many things that we can learn about just by looking around!

Math: Identifying our shapes and colors, specifically red, yellow, and green. We’ll also match colors and sizes of apples and leaves, counting up to 20, and working on our A-B-A patterning.


Our September themes will be super fun: Apple Fest and Fall Leaves!

Apple Fest

We’ll read fun stories about worms, apples, apple trees, and picking apples. Along with reading, we’ll learn some fun songs called, “Apples, Apples,” “Johnny Appleseed,” “Do You Know the Apple Man” and “A Little Appleseed.”

Our art projects will include gluing cinnamon to an apple, making an apple sun catcher, finger painting, printing with apples, and coloring an apple with chalk. September also brings fun cooking projects! This includes making apple crisp and applesauce. YUM!

Fall Leaves

We’ll practice our shape flashcards, clapping patterns, graphing our favorite leaves, teddy bear patterning, and counting different kinds of leaves. We’ll continue improving our large muscle skills by doing jumping jacks, practicing yoga, walking on our balance beam, and playing leaf hop.


Picture of an apple orchard.We are learning about apples during the month of September and a great way to continue the learning at home is by visiting a local apple orchard! Deardorff orchards are just down the road from us! They have hayrides, animals, apple picking, and a children’s play area. You can check out their hours and see their calendar of events at

We love to hear the excitement in the children’s voices when they come back to school and tell us they went to the apple orchard-even more exciting is when they relate the things learned here at Ladybug to their trip to the orchard! In addition to our apple theme, we’ll have peace factors/etiquette class on Mondays, Computers on Tuesdays, LANA on Wednesdays, Spanish on Thursdays, and World Music on Fridays.


This month we will still be having fun as we break into our new schools! Also, all of us in A.C. would like to welcome our new A.C. classmates that will be moving up from the preschool room. This month has a few fun themes for us that will get us into the groove of officially going back to school!

Our first week’s theme will be Back to School! We’ll discuss our goals and fears as we get comfortable in our new classrooms. We’ll end our back to school talk by getting to know some of our friends with our Special Friends theme.

Lastly, we’ll have a blast with our two-week theme of Fall Frolics as we welcome in the fall season! We’ll be picking pumpkins, having Scarecrow competitions, and doing anything and everything to do with fall! We’ll work on channeling our creative side this week and creating our very own class scarecrow!

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