Parent Aware Certification

Parent Aware-Rated 4 Stars

Ladybug Child Care Centers earned 4 out of 4 stars

Parent Aware rated Ladybug Child Care as excelling in the use of most best practices in preparing kids for kindergarten.

In addition, the four star rating identifies Ladybug Child Care with the following characteristics:

  • Exemplifies a truly engaged school readiness partner for parents
  • Ongoing assessment of child’s progress
  • Continually adapts lesson plans and goals to meet individual needs
  • Regularly updates parents on child’s progress
  • Trained on children’s developmental disabilities
  • Communicates across cultures
  • Receives and documents on-going childhood-related education

By earning Four Stars, Ladybug Child Care shows that it is equipped to offer the very best in quality care, assuring parents that it is doing all it can to prepare their children for school.


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