Kindergarten Readiness Guarantee

100% Kindergarten Readiness Guarantee

School readiness is defined as having the skills, knowledge, behavior and accomplishments a child should know and be able to do as they enter kindergarten.

We believe so strongly that your child will be ready for kindergarten; Ladybug presents our 100% Kindergarten Readiness Guarantee.

Using the Creative Curriculum Child GOLD Assessment Tool and the State of Minnesota School Readiness Guidelines, Ladybug guarantees that your child will score 75% overall in three domains: language and literacy, mathematical thinking, and personal and social development.

Within those domains, Ladybug’s curriculum teaches and assesses Social-Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, and the Arts.

If your “bug” scores below 75% overall and is determined not ready for kindergarten using the Creative Curriculum GOLD Assessment and the State of Minnesota School Readiness Guidelines, tuition for the following academic school year (September through May) will be free. *

  •  Your “bug” must be enrolled full-time at Ladybug by his or her 3rd birthday.
  • Your “bug” must meet State of Minnesota guidelines to begin kindergarten by mid-July conferences.
  • Your “bug” will not receive a guarantee if he or she begins testing to begin kindergarten early and fails the testing.
  • Your “bug” will not receive a guarantee if as parents, you choose to hold him or her back an extra year, regardless of their readiness.
  • Your “bug” may not receive a guarantee if he or she has a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Child Care Plan (ICP) which may hinder readiness at kindergarten year.

*If your child receives a free year, your family is responsible for taxes on the gifted amount total.

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