A Letter From Our President

A Letter From Our President

Miss Connie Ladybug President

Miss Connie
Ladybug President

The decision of whom to trust with the well-being of your child is very hard. I, too, am a parent and faced the same questions and doubts as you. In fact, that was my primary reason for my starting Ladybug back in 1981. I had young children, but I wanted to also work outside my home. Back then, we called it “having it all”. I was lucky—I got to be a working mom and still have my children with me all of the time. I know not everyone is so fortunate.

Ladybug started out as all about “family.” And it is still about family. We are family-owned and family-operated. My children are now grown, but three of them still come to Ladybug every day—Miss Michelle, Mr. Stephen, and Miss Maria! They have chosen careers in the family business not because it is easy, but because they, like me, believe that we have something unique and special to offer your family. And I continue to be the lucky one because my grandchildren are here every day, too, snatching treats from Nana’s candy dish!

But “family” is about much more than just my Kraus family. It is about each child and every employee at Ladybug—they are “our family,” too. We want for your children the same things I wanted for mine and my children want for my grandchildren: days filled with joys and challenges, opportunities to “try on” experiences that help him to figure out how the world works and how she fits into it. And family is about support—supporting your hopes and dreams for your children. Yes, we will help them to be well-prepared for elementary school. But, more importantly, we will do the things you would if you were here—cheer their achievements, wipe their tears, and encourage them to try. We will hug them and love them, because that’s what families do.

At Ladybug, you will find the professionalism and programs that are often associated with much larger companies. You will find high-quality curriculum and excellent teachers. But, what really sets Ladybug apart from our competitors is our family values and our personal touches.

Ladybug Preschool Learning Center and Ladybug AdventureCentre guarantee that you will feel peace of mind when leaving your child with our ladybug family.

I believe so strongly that you will agree that I am offering you my personal guarantee: Try Ladybug for one week. If at the end of that week, we have not met your expectations, discontinue your enrollment and ask for a refund of your week’s tuition. It is just that simple.

When children hug my knees at the shopping mall, when long-ago graduates choose to work at Ladybug, when six-foot tall young men doing landscaping in my backyard still call me Miss Connie, I know that our Ladybug family experience is truly something special.

Please give us a call. I believe that, at Ladybug, you will find that special something for your child, too.
For the Love of Children,

Miss Connie

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