9 kid-friendly, nutritional breakfasts

9 kid-friendly, nutritional breakfasts

Posted on March 7, 2017 by Ladybug Child Care Center

A wholesome and nutritional breakfast can get your child’s day started on a positive note, and help keep them fueled throughout the day. We know you’re busy as parents, so we’ve compiled some kid-friendly, healthy, and quick breakfast ideas for you and your little ones to try.

Make the night before:

  • Slow cooker oatmeal
    • Did you know you can prepare oatmeal overnight in a slow cooker? Wake up to ready-to-eat oatmeal for a hassle-free morning.
    • Try this nutritious recipe: http://bit.ly/2nbpSZN
  • Cereal bars
    • You can make these in advance for a full week’s worth of healthy breakfasts
    • Try this almond cereal bar recipe: http://bit.ly/1CfeYlU
  • Muffins
    • Try making muffins filled with nutritious ingredients like oats, bananas, peanut butter, etc.
    • Try this banana-oat muffin recipe from health.com: http://bit.ly/1bKAvES

When you’ve got some time in the morning:

  • Microwave breakfast pizza
    • Use a flatbread as the crust and add eggs, cheese, and meat on top
    • Try this quick recipe here: http://bit.ly/2miH2XL
  • Omelets
    • Add in your child’s favorite veggies, meat, and cheese for a nutritious, protein-packed start to their day
  • French toast
    • French toast is a classic breakfast menu item that your kids are sure to enjoy. Luckily, preparing it isn’t too time-consuming. Try adding some fruit like banana slices or berries for some extra nutritional value.

When you’re in a rush:

  • Fruit
    • Fruit is loaded with nutrients and there are so many options! Try smashing up a banana and spreading on bread or toast or add berries or bananas to a bowl of cereal or oatmeal
  • Scrambled eggs
    • Scrambled eggs are simple to make and protein packed.
    • Try this perfected recipe here: http://bit.ly/2nbeb5v
  • Yogurt
    • Plain yogurt is usually the healthiest option since it has less sugar than the flavored options. Add some honey, chopped almonds, or fruit to plain yogurt for some extra flavor.
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