7 recipe ideas to get your child involved in the kitchen

7 recipe ideas to get your child involved in the kitchen

Posted on January 16, 2017 by Ladybug Child Care Center

Cooking is a great opportunity to get your child involved in hands-on learning. Introducing your little one to cooking can also spark an interest in cooking that will stay with them as they grow older.

Here are 7 classic and simple recipe ideas your toddler will love, along with the ways they can get involved in the cooking process.


  • Get creative with this one! You can have your child help sprinkle cheese on the tortillas, as well as cooked chicken, beef, or black beans.


  • Using your favorite cookie recipe, have your child help stir in oatmeal, chocolate chips, and other measured ingredients like sugar and flour.

Grilled cheese

  • Your child can help apply the cheese slices to the bread. Jazz up your grilled cheese and by having your toddler layer on some ham and pear slices.

Whole-wheat pizza

  • There are multiple ways your toddler can help out with this one – have them spread the tomato sauce onto the crust, sprinkle cheese on top, and add their favorite meat and veggie pizza toppings.


  • Show your toddler how to measure the ingredients and pour into a mixing bowl.

Pigs in a blanket

  • Your child can help roll up hot dogs or sausage into crescent-roll dough.


  • Smoothies are a great healthy dessert option. Provide your child with some options of frozen fruits they can add to their smoothie. Your child can also scoop in some yogurt and other ingredients.

Learn more about why we make cooking an important part of our program at Ladybug Child Care Centers.

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