6 Clothing Items To Keep Your Child Warm In Winter

6 Clothing Items To Keep Your Child Warm In Winter

Posted on February 11, 2019 by Ladybug Child Care Center

What did Robin Hood say to his girlfriend?

“Sherwood like to be your valentine!”

I know, I know, that was dorky. But hey, we’re all a little goofy sometimes!

February is here, and that means Valentine’s Day! At Ladybug, we sing fun songs, eat tasty snacks, decorate our rooms, and use arts and crafts to make gifts and cards for our families and friends.

Another thing we do in February…go outside! Unless it’s ridiculously cold, like it was at the end of January, we believe it’s important for kids to play and learn outside. Unfortunately, part of the deal with living in Minnesota is the cold and snowy weather.

Whether your little bug is an infant or a toddler, here are six things that will help keep them warm when they play outside during winter.

1) Hats

Have you ever heard that we lose over three quarters of our body heat from our heads? Yeah, that’s not true at all.

You lose the same amount of heat from your head as you would from your arms or feet. The problem is that people don’t always like to wear hats, especially the little ones when they take off their hats and throw them.

Like it or not, it’s important for kids to wear hats to avoid skin damage to their ears and to help keep them from getting sick.

2) Coats

Everybody can agree on this at a minimum. The bigger and heavier the coat, the better insulated your little bug will be to enjoy their time outside.

3) Scarves

These can be easy to forget because they’re often viewed as accessories more than necessities. The neck and face can be very sensitive, and studies have shown that wearing a scarf can help fight the common cold.

4) Mittens

Another piece of clothing that tends to annoy babies, but it’s still vital to their health. Without mittens or gloves, hands can become chapped.

If the skin is dried out and chapped enough, it could even start to crack and bleed. Annoying or not, always keep those little fingers covered!

5) Snow Pants

As adults, we often skip wearing snow pants because they don’t seem to serve a purpose unless we’re skiing or snowboarding. It’s very easy to say snow pants aren’t necessary when we’re not outside making snow angels!

Snow will stick to pants and melt, which will make for an uncomfortable remainder of the day. So make sure to pack their snow pants each day!

6) Boots

Wet shoes and socks are no fun, and you want to make sure those little toes don’t freeze! Beyond these reasons, children should wear boots for traction.

Having proper traction on snow and ice can keep kids from slipping and hurting themselves, especially when they’re still developing their strength and motor skills.

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