5 Fun Holiday Activities to Connect with Your Kids

5 Fun Holiday Activities to Connect with Your Kids

Posted on November 21, 2022 by Sharee

For many families in Minnesota, the holidays are a special time of the year: extra-big smiles and bright displays of light mix with the smell of fresh-baked cookies and cocoa. Holiday music plays loudly while long-lost family members hug it out. The happy vibes are palpable, but apart from opening presents, it can be challenging for your little ones to stay occupied.

If you’re looking for creative, cost-conscious ways to keep your kids engaged and well-behaved, check out these family-friendly activities. Even better, you can make precious memories and even practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination!

1. Run a Holiday Reading Marathon

This is especially fun when your kids are old enough to read, and you’re at home by the fire while snow falls outside. Children benefit from reading in a number of ways, from learning grammar and vocabulary to building independence. Why not create a holiday reading competition for the whole family to enjoy? The first person to read the most within your set time limit wins holiday cookies and milk.

Ladybug Childcare Center Pro Tip: Kids not old enough to read? Grab your favorite holiday tale and read it together with your little ones. When the book is over, have a “book club” and discuss the story’s plot and characters.

2. Make Popcorn and Cranberry Garland

In terms of inexpensive decorations, this is one of our favorites! Grab some string and teach your kids how to create a garland using popcorn. For some color and flavor, thread cranberries after every other piece of popcorn. When you’re done, help your kids drape the boughs with your holiday garland.

3. Create Seasonal Crafts

With the holidays right around the corner, this is a great way to create gifts for friends and family while teaching your bugs the importance of concentration and following instructions. Go around your house and grab some glue, holiday-themed paper, scissors, colored markers, and festive stickers. Fold the paper in half, decorate to your heart’s content, and voilà – free holiday cards for your loved ones!

4. Go Caroling

Music has the unique ability to transform our mood and mindset in just minutes. If you’re craving some fresh air, why not get outside and spread some holiday cheer? Print out traditional and contemporary carols and head to a place that needs a little joy, like your local hospital. You’ll bring smiles to faces and stay warm at the same time!

Ladybug Childcare Pro Tip: Before driving to a hospital or nursing home, it’s a good idea to call the facility first to see the best times for caroling.

5. Create a Holiday Collage

If you’re quick to toss holiday ads from the mailperson in the trash, hold up – save them for a holiday collage! You can also use old magazines, newspapers, or flyers that you have hanging around the house. Put them all together, grab some glue, and let your child dictate what goes where. Their imagination is the limit! Creating a holiday collage is a great way to keep your kids busy while encouraging them to use their minds and creativity.

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