5 Family-Friendly Activities to Enjoy After Thanksgiving Dinner

5 Family-Friendly Activities to Enjoy After Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted on October 31, 2022 by Ladybug Child Care Center

Thanksgiving cornucopia filled with fruits.It’s official – sweater weather is here! Autumn in the Minneapolis metro area is magical, with loads of kid-friendly activities to experience, like leaf watching and s’more making. For many families, however, the most exciting part of fall lands in late November when Thanksgiving rolls around. With visits from grandparents, holiday-themed movies, and all the yummy food you can eat, Turkey Day is hard to beat.

But when the feasting ends, finding fun ways to keep your kids active and engaged can be challenging. That’s especially true when they’ve got a tummy full of turkey and a big-screen TV nearby. To keep your kiddos from getting lethargic, here are a few of our favorite feel-good family activities to try after Thanksgiving dinner.

1) Set Up an Arts & Crafts Table

If your little bugs love to get creative and crafty, set up a small arts & crafts table in the house. Once dinner is over, help your kiddos start one or two crafting projects. Sure, it might get a tad messy, but would you really say no to a hand-painted turkey

2) Have a Pumpkin Hunt at Home

If your kids love searching for eggs on Easter, flip the script and substitute pumpkins on Thanksgiving. With a little prep, you can grab mini-sized pumpkins from the store and hide them around your house or yard. Watch on as your little ones run about and use their brains to find the hidden pumpkins. Whoever finds the most pumpkins wins a prize! 

3) Learn About Family Mementos 

Whether you’re traveling to see Grandma and Grandpa or they’re coming to you, try getting your kids to bond with them over family heirlooms. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to ask Grandma about her quirky cast iron skillet collection or Grandpa’s toolbox. Your parents will love connecting with their grandkids, and your little ones will cherish the memories they make together. 

4) Start a Gratitude Game

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to reflect on the things we hold most dear. If you’re like most parents, you do everything in your power to make life easy and enriching for your children. However, because they’re young, it can be hard for kids to grasp all the advantages they have. A gratitude game helps them understand the concept of being thankful and also encourages them to think about what they’re grateful for, like their teacher, their home, or their favorite food.

5) Gather Around the Firepit 

Cozy, crackling firepits and crisp fall evenings go together like peanut butter and jelly. Gather your guests and out-of-town family around the firepit to reminisce about good times, tell fun family stories, or simply enjoy the ambiance. Don’t forget to roast some marshmallows! If you don’t have access to a firepit, you can use a fireplace instead.

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