3 Fun Things To Do Outside With Kids During COVID-19 Quarantine

3 Fun Things To Do Outside With Kids During COVID-19 Quarantine

Posted on April 23, 2020 by Ladybug Child Care Center

Picture of a child holding a bubble.

Everyone’s been cooped up for months. Your family might be getting restless, especially little toddlers. They don’t understand what’s going on, which makes it even more challenging. The quarantine is still necessary at this point, but we have some good news: Warm weather is finally here!

We may not be able to go to playgrounds yet, but we can finally get a break from being inside the house. Here are a few ways to enjoy the outdoors while still respecting social distancing during the COVID-19 quarantine.


Little bugs love their water. They can spend hours playing with water tables, inflatable pools, and sprinklers. As long as you’re stocked up on waterproof sunscreen (SPF 50 or higher), you’ll be set for a fun day in the sun followed by an easy night’s rest.


There’s something mesmerizing about bubbles. They’re pretty and fun to chase! There are always classic options like bubble wands, or you can it to another level with electric bubble machines and giant bubble wands.

Arts & Crafts

Children love using their imaginations. Arts and crafts give a fun outlet for this purpose. Whether it’s using chalk on the driveway or painting on the lawn, kids can focus their energy constructively while still having a blast.

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