Eggs, Earth, and Everything April

There’s a lot going on in April: bunnies and eggs, Earth Day, (hopefully) warmer weather, and even our birthday! Ladybug turn 37 this year—thanks to all of the parents and their bugs that keep us going.


April is the month to move! Most of the children in the nursery have some type of body movement, so this month we’ll work on rolling and scooting. We’ll also be picking up and playing with smaller toys to fine-tune our fine motor skills.

This will be the perfect month to do art projects with rain, rainbows and sun. Painting with the little ones is fun and safe—we do tummy while using our fingers to push around paint on paper, all inside a ziplock bag!


April will be busy with all things rain and water. Along with sensory water play, we’ll be making raindrops, clouds, umbrellas, “mud” prints and ducks in art.

We’ll be singing some fun rain Easter-related songs and poems this month, like “Pitter Patter,” “The Rainbow Song” and “Little Bunny Foo Foo,” along with some special art with eggs and bunnies.

This month we will be focusing on the sign language signs for: “Stop,” “No Touch” and “Stand.”

Toddler A

The first half of April will be focused on “Bunnies and other Babies”. We will be talking about all types of baby animals like cows, ducks and lambs, and what they say, what they eat and what color they are. We’ll be coloring, painting and decorating all types of animals for our art projects.

The second half of April will be spent on a really fun unit called “Going Places.” During these two weeks, we’ll be looking at different modes of transportation, places to visit and fun trips we’ve all taken.

There are many cute art projects that we will be doing and we will be playing with some of our favorite toys. Cars, trucks, tractors and many more!

Toddler B

Our themes this month will be “Eggs, Eggs, Eggs,” “Bunnies and Other Babies” and “Going Places,” and we have some of the most fun activities for our themes this month:

  • digging for Easter eggs in Easter grass
  • painting eggs and cutting magazines
  • using our art skills to create egg sun catchers, chalk eggs and bunny ear headbands
  • learning about the sounds and features of all kinds of baby animals
  • learning the bunny hop dance
  • putting together egg puzzles
  • learning all about different kinds of transportation


“Eggs, Eggs, Eggs” – During our first week of April, your proddlers will be learning about Easter fun and everything that goes with it while we do some different experiments and projects with eggs.

“Bunnies and Other Babies” – To wrap up the Easter month and dive into spring, our theme will be focusing on different animals and their babies that they have, with lots of fun animal art projects.

We’ll also work on recognizing the oval shape, learning the difference between empty and full, and identifying ourselves by first and last name and gender.


“People at Work”

We will start out the month of April with “People At Work” where we’ll have some exciting visitors coming to tell us about their jobs.

“Bunnies and Other Babies”

Where do bunnies live and what do they eat? What do we call a baby goose? How about a baby cat or a baby horse? We will be learning about these animals through pictures and lots of large muscle movement.

Our class will also be hopping like bunnies and pretending to be kittens. Then we’ll exercise our fine motor skills with lots of animal art projects like making muddy pigs and gluing cotton balls on paper bunnies.

Adventure Centre

April is going to be an eventful month! Our Adventure Centre kiddos are going to be bouncing from animals today to our planet to creatures from the past.

Peter Cottontail

Our first two weeks will be spent experimenting and learning about eggs, bunnies and all things Easter. We will be making fuzzy bunnies, cute chicks and decorating Easter eggs.

No Place Like Earth

April 22nd is Earth Day, so we’ll be contributing towards Earth Day by walking around the Ladybug area and collecting trash during our third week. We’ll also be learning about how we can help keep our planet clean.

Land Before Time

To learn about all those dinosaurs that once roamed the earth, we’ll be going back in time and exploring these creatures (though we’ll have your kids back in 2018 by pickup time). Come check out our sensory tub where we will be digging up dinosaurs and their “bones”!

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