Gobbling, Growing, and Giving Thanks

child walking in leaves

With Thanksgiving coming up, this is a great time to learn some skills to show off to our families. This month is stuffed with art projects, skill building, and mind and body exercises while we learn about Turkey Day.

We’ll also focus on what it means to be thankful for our family, friends, and everything we do at Ladybug.


This month, the little bugs in the nursery are learning sign language for things like “milk,” “sit,” and “bed.” We’ll also continue to work on motor skills with daily lesson plans, tummy time, playing in the jumpers, and (our favorite) snuggles.

Don’t forget to bring in family photos for your child’s photo book and crib if you haven’t yet. (Be sure they’re photos that you won’t mind getting chewed on!) Also, please take blankets home on Fridays to be washed and brought back on Mondays.


crayonsWe have a full – and fun – lesson plan for the Playroom in November. To learn about Thanksgiving, we’ll be helping our little Van Gogh’s create some fun hand and foot turkeys, corn paintings, and feather paintings.

We’ll be reading some of our favorite Thanksgiving books and singing Thanksgiving songs. Other activities include:

  • Tug-of-war
  • Pat-a-cake
  • Shape sorting
  • Reading books
  • Turning pages
  • Playing copycat

Toddler A

Our November in Toddler A will have two parts:

Corn and Vegetables – The toddlers will focus on the colors yellow and green and learn about different kinds of vegetables, like corn, potatoes, carrots, and peppers. We may even try a few!

Turkey Feathers – The children will be creating fun and educational art projects all about turkeys and Thanksgiving. We’ll also learn about feathers, turkeys, pies, and the color brown. There might even be some strutting and gobbling going on, so don’t be surprised if you take a turkey home with you!

The younger toddlers will be learning to sit and listen in group-time, exploring new environments and new friends, and introduced to basic, simple counting skills.

Our older toddlers will work on repeating songs and words in group-time, using manners verbally or through sign language, and counting objects up to three.

Toddler B

Our bugs in Toddler B will start the month with a Corn and Vegetables unit where we’ll have a garden party, paint with vegetables, and maybe even tasting the veggies (without paint)! Next we’ll have a Turkey Feathers unit, where we’ll be making many turkeys, paint with feathers, and also make a turkey feather wreath.

The toddler swill also work on:

  • Identifying the colors green and brown
  • Identifying the shape triangle
  • Being able the listen to a story
  • Exploring different types of musical instruments
  • Labeling eyes, ears, and nose
  • Practicing staying in their seats while eating
  • Cleaning up after themselves at mealtime
  • Working on their fine motor skills by zipping, pasting, and gluing


During the first half of November, our theme will be Corn and Vegetables. Throughout this unit, we will work on patterning using yellow and green, learning about the several types of corn, and learn to recognize different vegetables.

Our theme for the second half of November will be Turkey Feathers. We will be touching and examining feathers, identifying the colors red, orange, and brown, patterning with turkey counters, and having discussions on manners, cleaning up, and talking about what we are thankful for.

We will also make lots of projects involving turkey feathers, as well as sing Thanksgiving songs and reading a lot of turkey books.

Our goals this month will be:

  • Pattern objects in ABA and ABCA Patterns
  • Recognize ovals
  • Count in English and Spanish from 0 to 20
  • Matching and classifying
  • Participating in group discussions
  • Recognizing a written name
  • Exploring new musical instruments
  • Sing, play, move, and create music
  • Table manners
  • Working on cleaning skills


Our bugs will kick off November with a Brother Sister Eagle Sky unit. We will get to learn everything about Native Americans, like what they lived in, what they ate, how their clothes were made, and how they traveled.

Our next unit will be Turkey Feathers, where we will learn all about those funny looking wobbling, gobbling, tasty birds. We’ll talk about what they sound like, where they live, and what that red thing is hanging off their beak (psst…it’s called a snood!).

We’ll end the month talking about what we are thankful for, how to use nice table manners, and many fun Thanksgiving art projects!

Our goals this month are:

  • Counting backwards from 1- 10
  • Learning patterns within counting
  • Verbally and appropriately contribute and listen effectively in group time
  • Reading using pictures or memory, imitating an adult reading, and reading signs and labels
  • Performing rhythms with a steady beat
  • Caring for and pick up their materials
  • Using appropriate manners without needing a prompt from an adult

Adventure Centre

This month in the Adventure Centre, we’ll be learning about different cultures from around the world. The kids will be testing their folding skills with Origami paper cranes as we learn about Japan. We’ll also learn about Sweden, China, France, England and Mexico through art, games, and different activities.

We’ll also get to learn about Native American, Pilgrims, and everything Thanksgiving. The kids will be playing Native Americans games, learning the history of America, and of course making turkeys decorations.

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