Classroom Age Range:

Our Toddler B Classroom is designed for children from approximately 24 months old to 32 months old.

Classroom Components:

Group Time: Includes songs, books, flannel board stories, puppets stories, simple language and counting games, etc.

Exercise Time: Includes physical activities such as moving or exercising to music, Follow-the-Leader, animal walking, dancing, etc.

Cracker Time: Is a light, additional snack designed to meet toddlers’ need for a smaller more frequent meal. This is usually a cracker and a drink of water.

Floor Play: Is a time for classroom staff to be on the floor, playing with the children and the toys. This provides important modeling as teachers dress and feed dolls or builds block constructions.

Outside Time: When weather permits, teachers may use their assigned playground times. In the warm-weather months, painting, stories, and other activities may be added to playground activities.

Daily Schedule:

8:30 am

Breakfast & Toilet Time

9:15 am

Group Time

9:30 am

Exercise Time or Outside

9:45 am

Outside or Floor Play

10:15 am

Cracker Time

10:30 am

Table Time & Free Play

11:15 am

Group Time & Toilet Time

11:30 am


12:00 pm

Nap Time 

2:00 pm

Quiet Play & Toilet Time

3:00 pm


3:15 pm

Group Time

3:30 pm

Table Time & Free Play

4:15 pm

Outside & Floor Play

5:00/:15 pm

Cracker Time

The above daily schedule is our base routine. Because children’s needs vary from day to day, teachers may adjust the timing of the various components of the day, making sure that each component is offered. However, activities in bold must remain at the indicated times.

We would love for your toddler to join us. Schedule a Tour at our Chaska, Shakopee or Waconia locations to review availability and to learn more about our Ladybug family.

Our 18 month old started counting to Grandma when she was visiting! She was impressed with my parenting skills and I had to admit I had nothing to do with it - it was all Ladybug. We would highly recommend Ladybug to anyone."

~ Mother of an older toddler and preschooler


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